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  1. Indian Roadmaster
    Just recently, my 2016 Roadmaster started blowing smoke out of only the left tailpipe for at least the first 5-10 minutes after starting up. Not sure why it would just come from the left tailpipe. I have noticed that when starting in the cold weather we've had here in the Northeast, that the...
  2. Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    2015 Indian Scout Thunder Black Smoke (Matte Black) Only 380 miles! For Sale by original owner NEVER dropped, NEVER ridden in rain Matte Paint has a special coating that I applied which resists smudges, dirt & scuffs. Minor cosmetic flaw on muffler which is pictured. My jeans rubbed against the...
  3. Indian Scout
    I've read a lot of people say that during the break in the engine will run a little hot before the first oil change. But last night at a red light there was a smoky haze around the bike, engine was around 206F. Smelled kinda like burning plastic earlier in the day too. I'm only at 300 miles...