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  1. Indian Scout
    Update - Problem has been solved(ish) I took Ligia Elena (my bike) to Dr Dentless, a little shop in Forney TX to get an estimate. The owner looked at the bike told me that it was not going to be like new, but he will make it look better. I’ve asked how much, and he gave me a quote of $75 which I...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Fork sleeves, fork wrap around blinkers, and headlight grille.
  3. Indian Scout Sixty
    Today I drove the first 200km with the newly fill up saddle. The fill up saddle is very comfortable.
  4. B2EDF803-6055-4039-92C3-B1332B0CEF02.jpeg

    The saddle has been re-padded
  5. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    I bobbed my Scout 60 with the kit fender parts from TankMachine Trickiest job was working out the electrics to the rear and relocated turn signals Easiest job was blacking out the gear selector link rod with some carbon tube Most essential mod was moving the rear brake to a thumb lever (I have...
  6. Indian Scout Sixty
    Howdy All! Does anyone have any experience with the Rifle Classic Windshield for the Indian Scout? I am loving my Sixty, but with colder days and darker nights just around the corner, I'm considering investing in a windshield to potentially extend my already short New England riding season. The...
  7. Indian Scout
    Hi guys, after searching aroung I have two options for buying: a) Indian Scout Sixty, thunder black, 2017, 1,800 miles, ABS, more passenger seat, led focus and exhausts Vans&Hines b) Indian Scout, black, 2017, 2,500 miles, ABS, nothing else. The b) option cost usd 500 more than a) So, what...
  8. Indian Scout Sixty
    Recently encountered some confusion elsewhere online regarding the menu screens on the Indian Scout and realized that apparently it's only the 2018 models that have a DC battery voltage screen. Figured it would be nice to have a thread that outlines ALL of the updates Indian have made between...
  9. Indian Scout Sixty
    I apologize in advance, as I know there are previous threads that address it. I would just like conformation that I have no choice but my wallet being pillaged...:( Anyways, I am a new rider, and fairly mechanically inclined, so I'm going to do my own oil changes to save $$$. So I called the two...
  10. Indian Scout
    I been in the market for a fairing, and can't seem to find any that I like. The Rifle Nightflight Fairing seems like it will never see the light of day, and the Arlen Ness Fairing doesn't look like it would fit along with my Mini Apes. So my next option would be to see if the Victory Octane's...
  11. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Raffle to benefit Missouri's Ozark High School Project Graduation 2017 Prize Choices: New Indian Scout Sixty or New Suzuki KingQuad 750 AXI* Powersports Raffle $10.00 per ticket
  12. Indian Scout Sixty
    I haven't seen a whole lot on these, so I decided to post a thread in the event someone else is looking for some resources. For good measure, I painted the stock muffler bracket black to blend in. I don't want to cut it off incase I ever want to put the stock mufflers back on or a different...
  13. Indian Scout Sixty
    Hello Tribe, here is the official price for the Scout Sixty in Germany: 11990 Euro Comparing to the price for the Scout (13650 Euro), i stick on my order for the Scout. But both are expensive anyway. Greetings from Germany
1-13 of 16 Results