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  1. Genuine Indian 12" Passenger Sissy Bar W/Black studded pad & luggage rack

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Save some cash and pick up this gently used 12” Indian passenger backrest with black studded pad and luggage rack. No signs of excessive wear. No rips or tears on the pad. $375 and we split the shipping. If you need mounting spools, I have a spare set I can include for additional $25 (I do not...
  2. The Sissybar/Backrests are here!!

    Motherwell Products
    They're ready! Introducing the Quick-Release 2UP Sissybar Backrest & Luggage Rack Combo! Now you can have style, function, comfort, and durability all in one product for your Indian Chief, Chiefain, Roadmaster, or Springfield 2014 & up! This 2UP Sissybar Backrest and Luggage Rack combo is...
  3. Sissy bar for 111's and Scout

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    We just got a new photo from a customer with our Sissy bar with black arrow head leather back rest. So here it is. This mounts onto the saddlebag spools and is quick release. We also make a sissy bar for the 111's but it attaches to the luggage rack we make. A few customers have asked for an...
  4. Looking for a sissy bar / backrest for a 2001 Indian Scout.

    Gilroy Indian Models
    I'm looking for a passenger backrest for a 2001 Indian Scout. I'm not really able to find anything. I did find a Kuryakyn Plug-N-Play Removable Backrest made for Softails that bolts to the top of the rear fender under the seat, but it's a low profile bar. It would probably bolt up fine, but I do...
  5. New QR Sissy Bar for Scout

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Thunder Works is introducing a new sissy bar for Scout. It is quick release (QR) and is all black with a textured surface. It give the Scout a whole new look. Hope you like it. LINK:
  6. Indians are for sissies

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Thunder Works has another new product. It is a sissy bar for the 111 bikes. It is quick release and mounts onto our luggage racks. It will hold a lot of soft luggage bags. It takes less than minute to mount or remove. It is part of a series of new products that quick mount onto our luggage...
  7. Help design the new Scout sissy bar

    Indian Scout
    I am designing a new sissy bar for the Scout. I have one for the 111 bikes coming out in a few days. The photo shows the 111 design and a cardboard prototype. Looking for comments and ideas on what you might want. It will be black and made from the HDPE plastic. This material is super strong and...
  8. Wanted: Chrome Luggage Rack Indian Scout

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a chrome luggage rack for a Scout sissy bar/passenger backrest.
  9. WTB Sissy bar and pad for chieftain

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    HI. I’m looking for a chrome sissy bar with preferably a tan back pad. I would also consider a black pad as this will only be used occasionally.
  10. Looking for a Backrest/Sissy bar for 03 Scout

    Gilroy Indian Models
    Just got an 03 Scout and its absolutely beauts, but I do a lot of riding with my daughter and would like to put a backrest on it,,, turns out aftermarket for them is non-existent. Anyone have one they would sell or any clues where to look? Thanks!
  11. WTB: Passenger backrest/sissy bar for Chieftain

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a passenger backrest for the wife. I have a 2016 Dark Horse Chieftain. Let me know what you have. Thanks people!
  12. New aftermarket Quick Release Sissy Bar for Chief Classic/Vintage $275

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Brand new Quick Release Sissy Bar for 2014+ Chief Classic or Chief Vintage. I just received this as a purchase from eBay. It is an after-market from China. I was mistaken that the sissy bars from all the Chief models were the same when I ordered it. I have a Springfield and the spools are too...
  13. Backrest

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Who's got a backrest for sale for a '16 chieftain????? Preferably the black one. Not looking to spend a fortune for the dealer price
  14. Wanted pasenger seat/sissybar

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking to purchase for 17' scout sixty passenger seat/sissy bar, foot pegs anything needed to make it capable of having a second rider. Preferred color black
  15. Scout leather passenger backrest w/pad and passenger seat for sale SOLD

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Scout leather passenger backrest with pad, and passenger seat for sale. Backrest has the titanium finish. Leather pieces are the Indian desert tan color. All hardware pieces accounted for. $500. obo Ships from CA, or deliver to San Jose/ Monterey bay area. PM if interested. See photos Thanks...
  16. WTB: Passenger sissybar for Chieftain

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a 2016 Chieftain Dark Horse and need a passenger backrest/sissybar. The wife will only travel so far without one. Can't say I blame her too much. Le t me know what you have and what you want for it. Thanks! PM me if possible. Happy riding if ya still can!
  17. SOLVED: 2017 Chieftain Sissy Bar

    Indian Chieftain
    Does the quick release sissy bar for the Chieftain require some type of mounting hardware to be purchased as well? Maybe the plastic sleeves like on the Chief Classic spools? My dealer says it requires new spools/hardware but why doesn't the Indian accessory page for the backrest mention...
  18. WTB Pinnacle Sissy Bar Luggage Rack

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Item #2880955-156 I have the backrest just need the rack to carry my wife's helmet.
  19. Titanium Sissy Bar

    Indian Scout
    I had looked at the titanium finish sissy bar, largely because it's subtle, and less expensive. But, the 2017 accessory catalog lists that as a "bolt on" item, not quick disconnect like the chrome and black pieces. Am I reading that incorrectly, or does it not pop on/off like the more...
  20. Black sissy bar

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Anyone have a black sissy bar for a '16 chieftain for sale??