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  1. UK sidecar members

    Sidecars and Trailer Conversions
    Just wanted to ask if there were any members in the sidecar group who live in the UK?
  2. Hannigan Heritage Sidecar with a free salvaged 2014 Chieftain

    Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Someone going the opposite direction lost control, crossed the yellow line and hit me in the front left quarter. The bike stayed upright but it sheared off most parts on the left side. Both crash bars, front fender, left saddle bag, foot controls etc. The sidecar mounts slid a little bit there...
  3. Intercom/Headset For Sidecar

    Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Hey all, looking for help finding a headset/ intercom/ communicator. There are a ton of systems out there but I have a very specific need. Something my 2yr old can operate when he is in the sidecar. So, looking for something very simple and basic. I really just want a voice activated intercom...
  4. Sidecars in the Snow

    Sidecars and Trailer Conversions
    Anybody ride their rigs in the Snow?
  5. Sidecar on your Indian

    Sidecars and Trailer Conversions
    Just curious how many of us have a Hack on our Indian and what kind it is? I have a Hannigan Heritage on my '16 Chief Dark Horse. It is the First, and so far Only, All Blacked Out Hack Hannigan has done.
  6. Cindy's Sidecar Spectacular

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Get the whole story here: Cindy’s Sidecar Spectacular – Two Wheels Around the World
  7. Took the Vintage sidecar out for a spin on Saturday...

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hi, all. Wifey and I took the sidecar out for a spin on Saturday. Had a couple of GoPros with us, so I did a bunch of editing and chopping and put together a fun little video. If you've never been through Grand Forks, North Dakota, this ~4 mins will give you a good idea of what it's like. Turn...
  8. Hannigan Heritage on my Dark Horse

    Indian Dark Horse
    Just got my Dark Horse back with a Brand New Hannigan Heritage Sidecar on it.
  9. Finally on vacation

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Well the wife and I along with the two dogs are on vacation, we left this morning in the packed sidecar rig. We left Reinbeck, Ia around 9 this morning and arrived at the KOA in Grand Island, Nebraska at 530pm. My shoulders are beat. The rig pulls to the right and is a pretty constant fight. I'm...
  10. Sidecar for the Indian

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I picked up this beauty this past Sunday over close to Peoria, Ill. I have to make a new Lexan window, have it painted to match my 2016 Green and Cream Vintage, and of course buy the expensive mounts to mount it to the bike. But right now I'm happy as a pig in sh*t, because once it's done I can...
  11. You too can ride an Indian Chief Vintage sidecar

    Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    not mine, I wouldn't part with my rig for's a real beauty...not a hannigan Indian heritage side, maybe a champion or freedom... 2014 Indian with side car 2014 Indian with side car