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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I bought a new Springfield Dark Horse 1 month ago. I took it on a 300 mile morning ride on some pretty fast roads. The side cover on the right side flew off while going about 80 mph and i went to the local Indian dealer to see if that was covered under warranty. This was last saturday, and it...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I like to say that this is a part that needs Re design badly ... I was do about 75 mph in Courpus Christ's Last weekend .. On the road about 30 min to 45min when all of sudden boom!!! The upper RH side cover goes flying Off. This is also a very costly part I come to find out $350.00 ... I hope...
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    This could work easy enough! Pop a few holes in the very front of cover (the bend in area) Both sides and lace em up! Geeeze it might even look kool. Seems like a kool deal. Use leather lace, When and if one flies off you'll get to keep it. Save's over 300.00
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Thanks to all the people who have replied to my Thread, looks like their is a lot of riders that have lost their covers, due to poor design by Indian/Polaris. We can only hope the manufactor will address this issue. Keep your post going if you have lost your side covers:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    New Indian Motorcycles ----Anyone expierenced plastic side covers BLOWING OFF or just FALLING OFF their bike, looks as if this is a problem
  6. Indian Springfield
    Lost the plastic terminal connector cover under the seat. You know, the one held in by those cheap rubber grommets. 85 mph and I feel a bump under my right thigh and knew what it was. Confirmed this in the rear view mirror as it bounced down the road into traffic on a shoulder-less hwy North of...
  7. Indian Chieftain
    Read another post on this and it just happened to me over the weekend. My right hand side upper cover (the piece that snaps in directly under the seat) blew off while riding. Ofcourse I didn't notice until I was already home. They want $350+ for that piece and it's on backorder. FML. Is this a...
  8. Indian Chieftain
    So I took the seat and side panels off my 2015 Chieftain for the first time to install a Crotch Cooler and I have a question: Has anyone anywhere ever in the history of the Chieftain put the left side panel on without taking the passenger foot peg off first?
  9. Indian Chieftain
    Went to clean my ride, took the sidepanels off to remove the bags . Then I saw one of the knobs of the sidepanel was broken. Somebody had the same problems ? Will the warranty cover the broken panel ?
  10. Indian Dark Horse
    BEWARE:Trying out my warm gear for the first time...I THOUGHT that I had properly snugged my left side sidecover (pigtail)... but NO!!!....$319.99 later...thanks Polaris for another rip job on a jimmy-crack-corn design....I miss my faster, better handling Triumph Thunderbird.....
  11. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    It was just a few months ago I lost a pair of freshly painted side panels from my vintage BMW airhead. In stark departure from normal excellent Teutonic engineering, BMW inexplicably decided that the way to hold these panels on the bike was to use a small bungee cord connecting the two together...
  12. Indian Dark Horse
    This will likely sound blasphemous, but are the side panels removable on the Dark Horse which cover part of the rear tire? And is the cowling around the headlight removable? Has anyone taken these parts off their bike for any reason? If so, was it easy to remove? How did it look? Can anyone...
  13. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I just bought my bike in March, love the ride, chrome and styling except for those cheap ass plastic side covers Polaris has decided to add on. Do any of you have alternative options other than plastic??
1-15 of 15 Results