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  1. Indian Chieftain
    Anyone with the early Chieftain radios have a problem with it randomly switching from USB-BT-Radio-Off and not necessarily in that order. Mine will also sometimes switch off for 10-15 minutes and sometimes only for a second or 2. Drives me batshit crazy. Seems to be getting worse. And of course...
  2. Indian Roadmaster
    I have the 2017 Indian Roadmaster and I have extreme upper back pain from leaning too far forward. I have installed the drivers back rest and had the dealership install the 2"inch pull back handlebars and still have back pain. I have also tried the Helibars on my 2016 Roadmaster (traded in for...
  3. Indian Roadmaster
    I have a brand new 2016 Indian Roadmaster that I simply love but have one issue that I can not figure out. I have the back trunk off most of the time for long rides. Every time I plug in my power cord to the cigarette outlet, either of them it automatically pops the fuse. Does anyone have any...
1-3 of 3 Results