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  1. Indian Scout
    Hi Crew, I just got new boots that have a lugged sole, so they are taller in the toe area than last pair. Now I am fumbeling to get boot under shifter smoothly (Scout69), so I have to adjust the action on the shifter by lengenthing the linkage rod. I'm just wondering if there is any guidance...
  2. Indian Scout
    Good Day. How hard is it to change out a shift lever on a 2016 Scout? I took the peg off and as I tried to figure out what peg connects to the arm and how the arm is secured I saw a centrifugal clutch with a hand shift. It looks pretty cool so I thought maybe a chrome hard shift would add to...
  3. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    The standard peg is just too short for me. Changed to Kuryakyn long horn shift peg. It is MUCH more comfortable. I intended to use the standard length Kuryakyn as heel shift peg but the bolt pitch did not fit. Now waiting for new 1.25 pitched bolt to be delivered. The question is - are...
1-3 of 3 Results