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  1. Indian Scout
    Everyone, After waiting for months to come up for auction and the driver changing the date more than once on me, I will finally begin working on my 2019 Scout this weekend. Hoping that it won’t be too much hard work to complete but the major hurtle was the engine. The second I placed the bike...
  2. Indian Scout
    Does anyone have a 2015 Scout service manual pd I can look at? They cost way more than I can afford. My shift linkage might be broke. Thanks in advance
  3. Indian Scout
    UPDATED: (I originally posted the owners manual on accident) The service manual is too large of a file to upload. I can probably send through email. **Email me for it. It says it sends through mail drop so we’ll see if that works. [email protected] 3/14/2022 hello friends, I have sent the...
  4. Indian Scout
    Hi All! First post. I found a thread on here where someone was offering to send the workshop manual by email. I joined and can't find it. Can someone please point me at it? Basically, I want one! Thanks in advance, guys!
  5. Indian Scout
    I just had an issue getting my 2016 Indian scout to start earlier. Charged up the battery and it started right up but now I get a check engine light! Error code is 3056 and 4 under the code. A friend with the chief service manual says that is a oxygen sensor voltage low warning but can anyone...
  6. Indian Roadmaster
    Here y'all go, enjoy. 2017 Inidan Full-size Service Manual.pdf
  7. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    The Service Manual does contain a few errors, and sometimes the information is incomplete. I have noticed a few in the past, and never took note of it. So time to start taking notes... and why not share them here, and take advantage of the errors you may have noticed. So, below is a list of the...
1-7 of 7 Results