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  1. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    FOR SALE- Springfield Rider & PAX SEAT Set up Including Tank Bib all OEM 427 miles on it. Asking $425 OBO plus the ride
  2. Indian Scout
    Been trying to sell a set of blacked out comfort and passenger pillion seats for awhile, I don’t need the money I just want them gone 300$ for both or 200$ each. Pillion has less than 100 miles on it, riders comfort seat has about 1200 miles. DM for pictures or info.
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    All products are original from the bike unless noted. 1) Handlebars 2) Rear-view mirrors 3) Front turn signals 4) Air intake filter 5) Solo seat insert Full size 6) Solo seat insert small 7) Rear subframe 8) Rear Fender 9) Rear fender side-rails 10) Rear signals 11) Belt pulley covers...
  4. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    My dealer lent me the Mustang tall boy seat for the weekend to try out and have been reading reviews on the ultimate extended reach and it sounds like people are giving it the thumbs up. Can people steer me in the right direction if they have tried both- I'm 6'3" and about 220lbs, so far the...
  5. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    First off I have Stock seat ( I think they are leather maybe someone can verify this) 300 miles on both Rider and passenger seat $225.00 2nd i have all leather rider backrest and hardware for $225.00 3rd. I have a all leather "HEATED" fringed rider and passgenger seat (700 miles on it)for...
  6. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Hello Everyone, I just purchased a 2016 Scout and it still has the Stock OEM Seat. I do not find it comfortable at all. I am trying to choose between the Corbin Solo or the Corbin Brave saddle. I was wondering if anyone knows besides the looks what the biggest difference is between them. Is...
  7. Indian Springfield
    Stock seat is little to close for comfort for me, im only 5'10 maybe i have long arms and legs any recommendations..? Extended Reach Seat | Indian Motorcycle Store
  8. Indian Scout
    Has anyone installed the Touring Passenger Seat on the Scout? Pics would be great!!!
  9. Gilroy Indian Models
    ok I've read everything here, and anything I can find on the interwebs. so maybe a few can set me straight. so, I've managed to fix the major probs when I acquired my bike, such as wiring issues, fouling plugs etc. now Im looking to swap some stuff. Looking for seats- 84-99 softail stuff almost...
  10. Indian Motorcycle Reviews, Rides and Impressions
    We started carrying Corbin seats for the Chief bikes and I got a chance to take it for a ride today. Short 1 hour ride to lunch and back, so not a "long term review" by any means. Still, seeing as I've logged some mileage on other Corbins this might still be useful for some people. The seat was...
1-10 of 10 Results