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  1. Indian Scout
    My wife and I bought a 2018 Scout 60 recently. We've been riding together and she said that the rear backrest is vibrating so much that she can't ride it. Would anybody have a suggestion of a different rear seat that would be more comfortable? I have seen Corbin's mentioned but can anybody...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So... I come home today and the love of my life surprised me with this! Now we have two Indians in the tribe!!
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Bought new in August, still in great shape. Includes all mounting hardware. Price = $75 More info here: Genuine Leather Tank Pouch - Desert Tan | Indian Motorcycle
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a clear 22" Freedom Windshield for a Scout/Scout 60 for sale here in UK. It does not come with mounts, and so is suitable for someone who has the OEM screen with mounts but wants to upgrade to the Freedom screen. It was sold with two small scratches which are hardly visible, and I've...
1-4 of 7 Results