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  1. FMB MERCENARY - Scout

    Indian Motorcycle Builds
    I have the FMB Mercenary handlebars for my 2020 scout on the way, and I've not seen anyone run their wires for controls internally. I was wondering if anyone out there with these bars can tell me if they're built so that I can hide the control wires. Thanks in advance!
  2. After market brake strobe for 2020 Scout Bobber

    Indian Scout
    Does anyone have any good recommendations for a blinking strobe light when applying the brake compatible with a 2020 Scout Bobber? I’ve looked at Custom Dynamics, but all their modules are compatible with Scout or Scout Sixties, not Bobbers.
  3. How many Scout Icon models are built?

    Indian Scout
    I would be interested, how many Scout Icon models are build every year? Does anyone knows reliable numbers ? Just curious about how many sky-blue/white Scout ICON models are built in 2020. Cu, Sven
  4. Dean Speed Sissy Bar with the OEM Scout Bobber Saddlebag? Anyone had experience with this?

    Indian Scout
    Dean Speed got back to me to let me know it would require some modification to the saddlebag bracket in order to fit. I just wanted to know from those who did this, what their experience was like? How did you do it? Was it a PITA? The front screw bracket looks especially short and like it...
  5. Exhaust recommendations

    Indian Scout
    Hello everyone, I’m looking for an exhaust for my Scout bobber sixty. Hoping to find something that’s in the medium loud range. And yes I know loud pipes save lives, they just aren’t my taste. Any shorties recommendation would be a plus!! I like the look of the RPW USA Villain exhaust but even...
  6. 2018 Indian Scout - Willow Green / Ivory White- Many Options

    Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Asking $10,700. Located in Concord, NC. Delivery possible within 200 miles for a price. 2018 Indian Scout in showroom condition. About 4,700 miles. Excellent condition. All services done by dealer since new. Price a new one with these same options and it will be well above $15K (see below)...
  7. 2021 Scout Bobber Thunder Black Smoke ABS Exhaust Replacement

    Indian Scout
    Hey guys, Cards on the table. I just fell in love with motorcycles over the covid lockdown. I got the balls to take a class and get my licence which was my first time ever on the a bike. Then the next week bought an 2021 Indian Scout Bobber, I just fell in love with the look of the bike...
  8. New Member From Toronto, Canada

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hello Guys, recently got in my dirt track smoke Scout ABS.I am a Sikh and lives in Toronto, Canada.I will be adding my mods video to my insta channel soon - Preet.YYZ
  9. 3.5” Rinehart Slip On Exhaust

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    $350 shipped. About 750 miles on them. Came off my 2018 Scout. They have a few minor scuffs from normal wear and tear, but in good condition overall. Missing a couple of mounting bolts.
  10. Indian Scout Parts for Sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I traded up my 2019 Scout to a Springfield. I pulled the parts I bought off the Scout and have them up for sale. 1) Indian Scout Sport Seat Tan ($200) 2) Vance & Hines Slip-ons ($300) 3) Or $450 for both 4) Plus Free Grip Lock! Email me if interested: [email protected] (please use the subject...
  11. Memphis Shades windshield for Indian Scout

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Memphis Shades Rio Grande Sportshield in Gradient Black Measures 21" W x 19" H above headlight Memphis Shades Metric Sportshield Trigger-Lock Mount Kit For Indian Scout 2015-2020...
  12. 2015 Scout Service manual pdf

    Indian Scout
    Does anyone have a 2015 Scout service manual pd I can look at? They cost way more than I can afford. My shift linkage might be broke. Thanks in advance
  13. Wanted: Stock bobber nacelle

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hello everyone, I’m Looking for a Indian scout bobber nacelle. Hope to find one here and not have to go through the dealership. Thanks in advance!!
  14. Is the Scout Bobber 2020 too small for me? Looking at buying my first street bike

    Indian Scout
    I'm 6'3", under 200 lbs and I have a large inseam. I'm curious if I will look like a giant on this bike. I'm hoping to test ride one next week, but until then I don't know. I'm used to a dyna wide glide if that helps with reference
  15. 2017 Scout "HOT" With fan

    Indian Scout
    I noticed my bike was overheating but thought nothing of it. I rode around with my bike continually getting hotter as time went on (especially during idle). It's important to note here that I live in central Texas and Summer had hit, so my bike(s) getting hotter during cruise is normal...
  16. Indian Scout Horn Fix or Upgrade

    Indian Scout
    Recently bought a 2017 Scout ABS. I have been addressing a few issues with it. One is the horn. It is very weak sounding. The horn on my Springfield is so loud I hesitate to test it in the driveway, but the Scout horn is so weak I can barely hear it with the helmet on. Is this normal? I...
  17. Need help pricing my Scout to sell or trade- Looking to upgrade soon

    Indian Scout
    *****THIS IS NOT A SALE LISTING BTW :) How do you guys do this? How do you price your trade in or know what to expect? After 3 years and 25K miles on my 2016 Scout. I'm ready to make the upgrade and get either a Chieftain or a DH Springfield. In a perfect world I'd keep my baby and have two...
  18. Viking bags with shock cut-out

    Indian Scout
    I recently purchased an installed Viking's XL lamellar shock cut-out saddlebags for my 2020 Scout. I went with the shock cut-out options not to make room for the shocks, but to make room for the belt guard. While I sacrificed a little bit of volume in the bags, the cut-outs allowed me to mount...
  19. Fender delete/badlands module

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Hey all, thanks in advance for any help. I know there are some other discussions about this but they seem to be unresolved. was wondering if anyone had any information when using the illuminator module from badlands (Ill-ind-s). I recently deleted my rear fender and wanted to install some Led...
  20. New saddle or fill up the saddle

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Today I drove the first 200km with the newly fill up saddle. The fill up saddle is very comfortable.