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scout sixty

  1. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    YES THIS IS LONG, but its my story, please dont troll, just passing it along for someone else who might be in the same spot.. thx.. A week or so ago I posted questions about how to get my “new to me” 2017 Indian Scout Sixty tuned as it had arrived to me with 1800 miles and an upgraded Trask Air...
  2. Indian Scout
    Does anyone know where I can get a spokes front and rear hub for a scout 60? I want to lace my own wheels to something bigger than the factory available option. Looking more to create that classic indian look and I don’t care for the Indian option. I’m thinking something this size and look...
  3. Final Version: 2017 Indian Scout 60

    Final Version: 2017 Indian Scout 60

  4. Indian Scout Sixty
    Hi Everyone, I looking to purchase a windshield for my Scout Sixty. I went through some of the threads on here, looks like there is no one right answer when it comes to the windshield. Currently, I am looking at Memphis shades bullet fairing and the Rio Grande sport shield. I was wondering if...
  5. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for an OEM tan passenger seat for my 2017 Indian Scout Sixty. Thanks.
  6. Indian Scout Sixty
    I have seen these exhausts online (Radiant Cycles Shorty GP Exhaust for 2015-2018 Indian Scout Sixty) but I would like to know: Has anyone tried these exhausts? How good are they? Does not affect the useful life of the engine? I really appreciate your help and opinions
  7. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    These are brand new, never installed. Part # 2880896-156 ($499.99) and 2880899-156($499.99) they come with new tubes and rim strips (all you need is your own tires) My dealership had these on sale for $800 closeout for the pair so I picked them up. But I am having 2nd thoughts about the all...
  8. Indian Scout Sixty
    Added \ Modded a needed grill to my Sprint Chin Spoiler will help protect the Radiator. Gave it all a nice Satin Paint job.
  9. Indian Scout
    Looking to sell/trade my dual touring Corbin seat. Used for a half hour only. Brand new, exactly same as when I got it. I am interested in any accessories or another passenger seat you may have to offer. It's tan leather with diamond stitching, really is a beautiful seat fits great and easy to...
  10. Indian Scout Sixty
    My favorite addition to my Scout Sixty!!!!!!!
  11. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hey guys selling this tan extended reach Indian scout seat. Don't need it, due to selling the bike. Asking $110 including shipping.
  12. Indian Scout Sixty
    My dual touring seat came in from Corbin for my scout sixty. I'm not too sure on installing it, I removed the,screw under seat on rear fender to make it fit , but the passenger seat doesn't touch my rear fender . Is that normal? It sits like a inch up
  13. Indian Scout Sixty
    Looking to trade my stock Black Seat and Black Touring Passenger Seat for the Desert Tan Versions. My wife and I like the way they look compared to the black, so I figured I would cast out a line here. Bought the bike about 3 months ago so there is nothing wrong with them. Will throw in some $...
  14. Indian Scout Sixty
    So, I'm going to be pulling the trigger on purchasing a new 2017 Scout Sixty in about 2 weeks. I've researched the bike and, short of a catastrophic test ride, I will have a new bike by early May. There is one thing that I'm hoping the group can provide some clarity on. Engine Breaking. A...
  15. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    I posted a while back that I was having some issues with my bike starting after I installed some mods (PCV, Exhaust, Intake). A buddy of mine was able to fit me into his schedule at his shop and he finally got her running. The sound is amazing. The current setup so far is Vance and Hines...
  16. Indian Scout Sixty
    Hello All, I have decided to purchase a 2017 Scout Sixty (w/ABS) when they finally come in - was told around the end of February. I test rode the Scout and Scout Sixty both 2016s. Love them both - the price was the breaker. Heard there were some improvements made on the 2017s so I wanted to...
  17. Indian Scout Sixty
    So, I hate to say it, but I HATE the look of the stock mirrors on the sixty. I splurged and picked up a set of these guys that I plan on making fit. From the description, it looks like they will bolt right onto the stock brackets. Any thoughts? Driven Racing California Mirror I love how sporty...
  18. Indian Scout Sixty
    So, I splurged on the new bike and bought a Trask Intake, V&H Grenade exhaust, and PCV. Installed everything, and now I cannot get the bike to turn over. If it does turn over (after plenty of backfiring) It revs up to 3-4k RPM, idles for a moment, and then chokes out. All the while with plenty...
  19. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hey all, (if this has already been answered in another post just yell at me, tell me to read more, and post the link ;)) I am having trouble getting the Scout to Idle after installing a new air cleaner, exhaust, and power commander v. Exhaust smoke is coming out Black on start up, the bike idles...
  20. Indian Scout Sixty
    Bought my Scout Sixty on December 7th, and I hit 500 on the odometer today. 11 days! Scheduled my 500 mile service for next week. I hope it is in the $250 range, as others paid on the forum. [cigar]