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scout exhaust

  1. Scout Headers Gasket Replacement

    Indian Scout
    Hi all, I hate to start a new thread just for this but my searches don’t show any hits and maybe others are dealing with the same question and more knowledgeable folks can easily answer it. I’m doing a full exhaust replacement on my 2016 Scout and wonder what the criteria is for changing the...
  2. BLACK CRUSHER MAVERICK SLIP ONS $299.99 free shipping

    Indian Scout
    Ok this is a promotional deal. We only have one of these to offer. These are the best sounding pipes for the Scout you can buy. There other choices that sound good or may give slightly more power (such as 2 into 1). Some may disagree with this statement but many agree. In any case if you want a...
  3. Crusher Maverick pipes now offered by

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    These pipes look and sound great. I recently heard a set on a Scout Sixty and was very impressed. So much so I became a dealer for Kuryakyn and Crusher (same company). They are available at I think this is one of the best choices for exhaust for the Scout.
  4. Remus exhaust

    Indian Scout
    Have the Remus slip-ons for the Scout been quietly withdrawn for some reason? They seem to be the only alternative to the Indian stage 1 which Indian actually approved, and I seem to remember that they were only available from Indian. But, although one dealer in UK still has them on their...
  5. Indian Parts (Assorted)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    (2) Fairings (3) Sets of slip on pipes (1) Scout exhaust pipe (2) Air filters (1) Rear wheel/rim (4) Sets of Handlebars (1) Front Fork Suspension (1) Fuel Tank Extra assorted parts in pics. All new parts, never used, been sitting, Good Condition WILL TAKE ANY OFFERS. Can buy individually, or...
  6. Installing new headers

    Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    I'm planning on installing the backdraft exhaust headers from twisted choppers. Has anyone installed these yet? If so any reviews, opinions, tips or tricks are appreciated.
  7. stock exhaust

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Context is everything. I was leaving a Harley Dealer the other day and, compared to a Harley that had started up, my exhaust seemed almost silent. Then, last night I was leaving the pub and a group gathered to hear what the bike sounded like; I assured them that the stock exhaust sound isn't...