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scout bobber abs
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  1. Indian Scout
    I haven’t ridden my bobber with 800 miles in a couple months. Turned it on last week and the check engine light turned on as well. So I shut it off until I had a chance to check it out. Today I tried to turn it on and it won’t turn on. Has gas and battery doesn’t seem to be the issue. This is a...
  2. Indian Scout
    Hey everyone, Finally got a motorcycle and I’m in love with my 2020 Scout Bobber sixty!! Was hoping to start adding mods soon but not to sure where to start. Any ideas would be great! Thanks in advance!!
  3. Indian Scout
    I’m looking to see if anyone has found any products that fit the Scout bobber for a heel shifter that works with floorboards. Also I’m looking for an external air cleaner. Preferably the round one. Im not referring to the air box under the fuel tank. The one on the right Side of the engine. Thanks!
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hello everyone, Please direct message me regarding interest in the numbered items above. Item Description 1) Original Clutch Cable & ABS Brake Line Indian # 7082318 / 1913335 2) Extended Clutch Cable and ABS Brake Line Kit Indian # 2883864 3) Original Scout Bobber Handlebar (Gloss Black) Indian...
  5. Indian Scout
    Hello everyone, I'm currently in the process of upgrading to different handlebars and no longer have use for the Indian Scout 10" MiniApes. Let me know if you're interested and I can pack them up and ship anywhere within the states. I also have the Indian Extended Clutch cable & ABS Brake line...
  6. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Hello, I recently had a Power Commander PCV installed along with a new Indian stage 1 Performance Air Intake on my 2018 Scout Bobber. The bike also has Vance & Hines slip ons. When I got the bike back it ran like total crap. No low end torque and the bike would cut out at 7000 rpm in first gear...
  7. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hey gang, I was hoping that somebody in here can help me out. I’m looking at installing some 14” Spike Bend Ape Hangers from FMB on my Bobber. I would like to know what I’ll need to extend the clutch and brake cables on the ABS model. Indian has a kit that is coming out, but won’t be...
1-7 of 7 Results