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scout 60 exhaust

  1. New Exhaust System - Radiant Shorty Mufflers

    Indian Scout Sixty
    today i installed a set of shorty mufflers made by Radiant, called the Shorty Stealth GP. it was a simple process but you had to do a little fighting to get the stock mufflers off. anyways, i got a great deal on the mufflers, they were easy to install and now the bike has some sound. the links...
  2. THE "ACCELERANT" EXHAUST - 4 designs options for Indian Scout

    The RPW USA "ACCELERANT 1" EXHAUST. IN-025MC/BHS - Muffler Chrome, Black Ceramic Heat Shields. This new full exhaust has been designed with the assistance of Lloyd Greer of Lloydz Motorworkz. Great performance pipe.
  3. Quick Scout exhaust sound improvement

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I took a good quality 1.25" hole saw with an extension and punched out the plug in the rear of the mufflers. It gives a slightly more authoritative sound.
  4. stock exhaust

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Context is everything. I was leaving a Harley Dealer the other day and, compared to a Harley that had started up, my exhaust seemed almost silent. Then, last night I was leaving the pub and a group gathered to hear what the bike sounded like; I assured them that the stock exhaust sound isn't...