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  1. Video of my 2500 mile trip from Seattle to Northern California On a Roadmaster

    Indian Roadmaster
    Performance upgrades include: Stage 1 Indian intake and Freedom 4.5" Outlaw slipons (Baffles removed) Stage II cams and EJK Stopped in Hollister for the rally, had Corban make me a seat, and had my tank repainted at Hollister Powersports. I was lucky enough to run into 1 or 2 forum members...
  2. The first Out and About on the Indian Scout with a GoPro

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Well, seeing as folks enjoyed the last video posting, here's the first one I made with just using the GoPro mounts which were woefully inadequate, but still, it gives you some idea of where I live, traffic and some decent music to boot... As before, clicking the HD will make for a cleaner...
  3. Out and about on the Indian Scout...GoPro fun..

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    It's only a minute long, but was experimenting with mount, arms etc.. Click the HD for a better image quality... Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!
  4. Finally, I have found some time to say hello....Indian Scout owner

    New Member Introduction Forum
    My name is Andrew Wheeler. I'm a British expat, who back in August became an American Citizen. Originally I was born in Bath in the UK and moved to be with my wife Emily (who died of cancer last May/2015 after being married to each other for 24 years) in 1990. We lived in San Jose until 1996...