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safety recall i-19-03

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    Starting a new thread as there have been so many on this issue. I had always contended that the gear position switch, which I had to have replaced three times within 5K miles on my RM Classic '18, despite many on the forum saying must be a cleaning issue, would eventually be a recall. As I...
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    As I’m sure many of you already have, I received an email from Indian today about an upcoming recall for the gear position switch replacement that will occur this coming Spring. Glad to see they’re owning up to the contact corrosion issue. Wasn’t looking forward to cleaning the pins myself when...
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    Looks like were on schedule for a gear position indicator switch issue Dear Indian Motorcycle customer, Our records indicate that you are the owner of a unit affected by Safety Recall I‑19‑03 announced on November 5, 2019. The reason for this recall: Indian Motorcycle has determined the...
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    Received a recall notice from Indian in my email today. Looks like this applies to 2014-2019 111 ci models. Doesn't look like a fix is available until Spring 2020. But at least, they're on it. Appears the cause of inaccurate Gear Position Switch reading is due to "oxidized contacts".