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  1. Indian Roadmaster
    Hi, I have been getting a misfire from my Darkhorse Roadmaster for the last few weeks. It comes up with error P0314 Misfire & P0302 2 Misfire. Its been in the dealers a couple of times & is in again to investigate. So far nothing, they think it could be down to the change in the fuel & that more...
  2. Indian Roadmaster
    Does anyone know if there is a company of if Indian makes just the covers for the 2 up heated seats, back rests and arm rest pads only? It would be more affordable if they sold them so we could get a different color and reinstall a new cover instead of buying the complete seats and pads.
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Before I return it. Does anyone want it? Still has all the film on it. Works great, performance was about the same as my klockwerks shield. Buyer Pays shipping.
    $175 USD
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Back in 2020, I bought this heated Corbin Dual Touring Saddle from the Corbin shop outside of Daytona Beach, FL. After putting 3,000 miles on it, I find it to be no more comfortable than the stock seat and my wife is less than pleased with the relatively narrow rear seat. I've recently picked...
    $900 USD
  5. Indian Roadmaster
    Hello, I have a RM with a Champion trike kit that came with the leather rear trunk that doesn't have speakers (part #2206476). I wondered if anyone has ever come across a speaker option for this trunk or if you've ever installed speakers in this trunk? I've scoured the internet and haven't...
  6. Indian Roadmaster
    I got my drop mirrors installed. Took a bit to piece together the right parts. But I think they look sweet. Visibility looks pretty good. Can wait to get it out to test them. I think it really cleans up the front end
  7. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hi all, it has been a bit since I've been active on here but I've been recovering from a wreck and getting everyday living back on track as best I can. I'm doing well, was extremely lucky compared to others. I'd bought a brand new Triumph Bonneville Bobber, and the day I hit 500 miles, a van...
  8. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Is there a way to enter a waypoint (saved place) from the desktop application of Ride Command? I can save a route, but I cannot save the waypoints in the route as "saved places". It's easier for me to enter addresses on my computer than on a small touchscreen. Thank you in advance for any...
  9. Indian Roadmaster
    You buy a chieftain console that’s already painted to match. Then realize that it looks bad ass without the black insert
  10. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    $150 plus shipping Taken off my 2020 RM DH before I took delivery of the bike
  11. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Left and right side bags this year have fallen off while riding, I since have bought locking spools so it won't happen again but my bags are trashed. Any help finding thunderblack bags would be really appreciated.
  12. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Well I got tired or repairing and replacing the latch for the Roadmaster Dash door. I have modified the door to what i believe to be a whole hell of a lot better then what Indian had come up with and it looks awesome i must say lol. please leave feed back and let me know what the rest of you think.
  13. Indian Roadmaster
    I just picked up a 2017 Roadmaster Classic in Indian red and cream. I know it's arguably the least functional touring bike with leather saddlebags and trunk that aren't waterproof, and don't lock, but I don't care. It's beautiful. And it's a natural upgrade from my Vintage, so now I have the...
  14. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Cover Perfect condition. No holes or tears. $100 shipped anywhere in continental US Backrest Perfect condition. No holes or tears. $75 shipped anywhere in continental US
  15. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Wanting to buy a black roadmaster seat for my 20 Chieftain! Do NOT need ext reach.
  16. Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    2003 Indian Chief Roadmaster Powerplus 100 engine (1600cc) completely original only 1400 miles Started and ridden and maintained regularly just to keep things in working order.
  17. Indian Roadmaster
    Anybody have any first hand knowledge of this product! I have a 2020 Roadmaster Elite and the exhaust of so quiet, Was going to go with the stage ones but the cost is insane I heard a video and read a couple of reviews for the Sharkroad exhaust. No baffles and sounds depp and loud. Any...
  18. Indian Roadmaster
    Well Folks 2021 Roadmaster Limited is finally here I would have say that I believe it going be good year for Indian
  19. Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    This trike is located in Central Illinois, title is clear and trike is serviced and ready to go anywhere. Has raked front and reverse on a Roadsmith trike kit...$29500
  20. Indian Roadmaster
    I wrote here a while back that my thermometer was defective, reading about 4-6 C (7 - 10 F) too high. It was replaced on warranty. The new one reads about 2 C (4 F) too high. Small thing but it drives me nuts. Has anyone swapped out theirs on their own? Hard job? Expensive? thanks Len
1-20 of 153 Results