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  1. CA to Oregon road trip Monday.... Ideas?

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    I’m planning to leave Monday from southern California and circle the state. The general thought is to go north up 395 through sierras up to Oregon then come back down the coast. I figure about 2,500 miles all in and I've got 10 to 14 days to complete it. I'm hoping to get some feedback from this...
  2. I rode my Scout across the country - 9,000 miles in one month

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    Hello! My name is Wesley White and I am 25 years of age. Last year, riding my 2016 Indian Scout, I embarked on a cross country adventure by myself. I rode roughly 9,000 miles over the course of one month, which is the equivalent to 1/3 of the Earth's circumference. I left from my hometown of...
  3. 21 Days Under the Sky - road trip documentary

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    This documentary features chopped and unique HD machines, but the four unique riders and their cross country adventure is the story: An unconventional true story about those men who won't conform. Four guys meet in San Francisco to start a 3,800 mile ride down the Lincoln Highway – the oldest...
  4. Video of my 2500 mile trip from Seattle to Northern California On a Roadmaster

    Indian Roadmaster
    Performance upgrades include: Stage 1 Indian intake and Freedom 4.5" Outlaw slipons (Baffles removed) Stage II cams and EJK Stopped in Hollister for the rally, had Corban make me a seat, and had my tank repainted at Hollister Powersports. I was lucky enough to run into 1 or 2 forum members...
  5. Planning 1,000mi on the PCH

    Indian Scout
    I'm looking for some feedback. I've been riding for only 2.5 years. 2 years on a Vstar 650 and the last few months on an Indian Scout. I'm heading to CA next week and am planning a ride from San Francisco to LA and back. We're renting from Eagle Rider. My buddy is getting an HD Road Glide. I...