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  1. Indian Roadmaster
    I have Indian Stage One Oval slip-ons on my RM and I have scrapped them a few times in the turns and they are not very forgiving when they touch down? When the pipes hit the weight starts coming off of the rear wheel and you need to be ready for a ride. Not really a comforting feeling. I hear a...
  2. Indian Roadmaster
    Sorry to bring what appears to be an old subject but I have searched every where I can think of for help. I'm attempting too install a Cardo PackTalk bold on my 1021 Road Master. I think I've almost got it but the music always plays through the speakers on the bike and not in the helmet. In...
  3. Nav

    Indian Roadmaster
    Hello group I have a 2016 roadmaster and as I thumb or (index finger) through the controls I see nav on the dash what does that mean and where do or can I hook up navigation?
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I have been trying to figure out if there is a way to upload wall paper to the ride command load up screen. So instead of the screen that says Indian with smoke rolling through I want to add my own photo. I have managed to do it on other in dash navigation systems but cant crack this one. Has...
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Rode the new Roadmaster to work today,Black &Cream. As I pulled in a pickup came flying in behind me and the guy jumps out and runs over. Said he followed me through town and had to know what kind of bike I was on. Was thrilled to see a big American Bagger again. Fawned over it for 10 minuets...
  6. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I searched around for good photos and instructions on how the solo luggage rack and grab rail would fit together but didn't find much. The installation went relatively smooth with before/after photos and step by step instructions below. Perhaps they may be useful for someone. Before: After...
  7. Indian Motorcycle Reviews, Rides and Impressions
    Ok, test drove (with lady friend, all 2016 models) the Honda Goldwing, Harley Ultra limited, Harley Road Glide Ultra and RM. Was looking for primary comfort and air bubble for my lady friend. As a previous Gold Wing rider, both 1200 and 1500, I noticed the 1800 handle and rode a lot better...
1-7 of 8 Results