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  1. Indian Roadmaster
    I just got a new 2021 Roadmaster and love it! Bought Rinehart slimline duals and slip ons that are suppose to fit the bike, not quite happy with my purchase! The heat sheild dosen't quite cover all the pipe, I imagine it would on the 111 but not so much on the 116!!!
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    $350 shipped. About 750 miles on them. Came off my 2018 Scout. They have a few minor scuffs from normal wear and tear, but in good condition overall. Missing a couple of mounting bolts.
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have some 3.5" slip ons for sale. Chrome with the black end caps. $420 shipped. I purchased the bike used with them installed but they were too loud for me. I installed OEM exhausts and then upgraded to the stage 1. These only have about 500miles on them. They are in good condition, not...
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hi all, I have the 4" Rinehart Mufflers without the tips for sale. The mufflers are in excellent condition. They sound great, deep, throaty but not too loud. Reason I'm selling is they were replaced with TAB exhaust (louder), and I kept the tips. Rinehart tips can be sold separately at...
  5. Indian Roadmaster
    For those interested, posted a video of my recent upgraded exhaust...and a good shot of the Mid-bars. It was an incredible ride home from the dealership...normal 30 mins took me 2 choice. They are incredible motorcycles.
  6. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Ok guys and girls, here's the situation....... I purchased my 17 RM this past January. Since my purchase, I have added all the Indian accessories that I want/need. I own a company and receive tons of rewards cards from my credit cards, so I have been able to "purchase" several thousands in...
  7. Indian Chief Vintage
    I'm just about to pull the trigger on new exhaust. I think I've narrowed it down to two contenders. If you've installed these on your vintage, i'd love to hear your thoughts...or if i'm totally missing something else. 1) CFR exhaust - Part #CFR-IN012C Suggested Retail $697 plus shipping 2)...
1-7 of 7 Results