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  1. Indian Chieftain
    Hi Folks. I'm sorry if this has already been asked. I searched but didn't find the answer. My Chieftain is only a week and a half old. But I'm already tired of staring at that stupid orange and black fuel sticker just under the filler cap. I find myself picking at it while waiting at red...
  2. Indian Roadmaster
    anyone remove the warning label on the tank? If so, what did you use? I'm sick of looking at that sticker- couldn't Indian have put that in a better place?
  3. Indian Springfield
    Best way to remove that "gas warning" sticker on the tank?
  4. Indian Dark Horse
    I saw this topic mentioned in a "Cleaning the Bike" thread and decided maybe a separate one specific to this would be good. I was told to use no chemical cleaners of any kind on the matte black and then to remove that gas tank sticker before it gets baked on by the sun and heat. I peeled the...
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I removed the warning stickers from the windshield and highway bar on my Vintage yesterday. I would like a little advice on how to remove the tank warning sticker though. I don't want to mess up the paint. Also, I'm going to give the bike a thorough detailing today, including treating the...
1-5 of 5 Results