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  1. 2018 Dark Horse rear shock

    Sidecars and Trailer Conversions
    Just purchased a 2018 Chief Dark Horse and don't have a manual. Does anyone know where the air valve is for the rear shock?
  2. I'm fed-up!

    Indian Chief Vintage
    All right gents. I have a 2015 NDN Chief Vintage. I have been looking for a rear shock adjustment tool/spanner (the correct one!) since i bought this two-wheeled pain in the ass and I cannot find one. Yes, I have already made a wrench from my own wrenches, and no, I am not interested in...
  3. FS: 2017 DH Parts (will fit others)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Bunch of items for sale from my stock 2017 CDH with 4000 miles on it. Tires - Tread depth on both tires goes past GW forehead on a quarter. Still lots of good life left. If interested please PM me with your questions or payment - Paypal only. CUSA only (Continental 'Merica)...
  4. Roadmaster Owners, Rear Shock Poll - *ended*

    Indian Roadmaster
    Lets collect some data folks -
  5. Repair advice shock/clutch lever

    Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    Hey guys, Had a drive way drop on the clutch side. Rear shock looked a little bent, but I'm thinking that was already part of the washer/alignment problem everyone else has reported on here. I also snapped the clutch lever in the usual place. I've got the new clutch lever and shock. Before...