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  1. Southwest Indian Owners
    I was wondering, if anyone may have an OEM Bobber Rear Subframe and Fender they would be willing to sell, trade or otherwise. I have a 2017 Scout Sixty that I am attempting to carefully convert a little closer to the Bobber's rear style, which I LOVE!! I was Originally was searching high and...
  2. Indian Scout
    I just purchased a 2021 Indian Scout, along with the cover from Indian. See link below for motorcycle cover. I’ve only had the bike about a month or two, and noticed the other day when I removed the cover...
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a rear fender for my bike, I’ve got a decent sized bend in it and want to replace it. If you know anyone willing to fix it for me that’d work too. Just looking to get it replace or fixed ASAP thank you!
  4. Indian Scout
    Hey everyone, The following is just an informational piece on my experience ordering from Tank Machine. I ordered and received a rear-fender kit, instructions and parts were included and all contents were securely and safely packaged and delivered with exceptional customer service and delivery...
  5. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    folks looking for rear fender for my chief vintage 16 silver/black part # 1019209-1474 i'll pay for the int. shipping.
  6. Indian Scout
    I'd like to swap out my tail light/smooth the rear fender on my Scout 60, but i've read searching here where doing so causes issues with the computer/error code and this is a canbus light setup? The light i want to use takes an 1157 type bulb and i see 1157 canbus bulbs around on the internet...
1-6 of 6 Results