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  1. PVCX Firmware Glitch 2015 Indian Scout. Stalls out when going from Neutral to First.

    Indian Scout
    Ok... I need a hand here because I'm stumped... the bike turns on/idles normally, but as soon as I drop it into first (with the clutch lever pulled) it stalls out... I checked/adjusted clutch cable, not sure what else to do. My thoughts are it has something to do with the tuner, I'll explain...
  2. Problems after 2016 re-flash

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I hope this thread is not used too much. Since I had my Springfield re-flashed 2 weeks ago I have occasional small backfiring. Sometimes it has trouble starting and sometimes it dies as I takeoff. It could have been leaned out too much. The problems are small but new since the re-flash. I have...