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  1. RC Comp RCX 3.0 Exhaust for Indian Scout for Sale.

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I am selling a set of RC Components 3.0” slip ons for Indian Scout. They have the black blitz end caps. They sound great, but are just too loud for me. I had them on my scout for about 600 miles (5 weeks). They still look like new except small scratch on upper pipe that is hidden by crossover...
  2. Hi from South Florida

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hi everyone, I've been reading your forum for some time and just now joined up. It's a great forum and I have really appreciated the insights from you all. I am the proud owner of a spanking new Roadmaster... picked it up two days ago. We live in Wellington, FL, having just moved here last...
  3. Indian Scout 240 Wide Tire Kit

    RC Components
    Something wicked this way comes! We are very excited to announce that in the next few weeks we will be releasing our new 240 wide tire kit for the Indian Scout. This new wide tire kit is engineered to be an easy bolt-on to allow our 18" x 8.5" wheel and 240mm tire to be a perfect fit inside the...
  4. RCX Exhaust w/ EJK vs Stock

    Indian Scout
    I recently got my RCX exhaust installed with the Dobek EJK. I'm am fairly impressed with both, and enjoy the new sound of the bike. I have attached a video below comparing the stock sound with the RCX. Both videos were shot indoors, in the same garage, using my phone, in order to attempt to give...
  5. RCX Exhaust for the Scout

    Indian Scout
    I tried doing a search of the site specifically for the RCX exhaust offering, but was unable to find anything specifically about it. Has anyone installed it? is there a thread somewhere (either specifically for, or an exhaust thread that mentions them) that anyone is aware of? Thanks guys!
  6. RCX exhaust 3" slip-on anyone have them on their Scout

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    just wondering if anyone has them on their Scout. Or if you heard anything about these slip on.