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  1. Phantom rattle in fairing.

    Indian Chieftain
    Finally found the cause of a fairing rattle that was driving me batshit crazy as it would only do it occasionally. Found the left fairing brace had come unbolted kn one side under the fairing. Easy to correct with a few drops of blue LocTite but a PITA to get to. All better now.
  2. Windshield rattle: how do I get to the screws?

    Indian Chieftain
    Hi everyone, I started playing around with my 2016 Chieftain to try and remove the windshield rattle (pretty much as per the directions found on YouTube looking for "Indian Motorcycle Power Windshield Rattle Fix v2.0") and immediately found a problem which, from the low, low levels of my...
  3. Rattly Windshield

    Indian Roadmaster
    The streets of Montreal are a bit rough at this time of year but I noticed today that my windshield was rattling a fair bit. At a stop light, I reached up to shake it and one side was flopping. When I inspected it, it was missing 2 of the 5 screws - the centre one on the bottom and the top one...
  4. Engine ping or rattle noise

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    HI- I have the 2016 chief (dark horse). There is a rattling noise or engine ping when hitting a constant RPM... Dose anyone else have this issue? Not sure if it is the engine is pinging or if something is lose. The dealer does not seem to have an idea what the noise could be. and yes I am...
  5. Clutch lever rattle

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I've begun to notice an occasional rattle, usually when slowing right down for a turn. I was relieved to discover that it's merely the clutch lever, which rattles when vibrations hit a certain frequency. At first I thought the bolt which holds the lever in must be loose, but it's done up...
  6. Leaking /rattling exhaust at the head.

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I'm sure I saw a thread about exhaust leaking and I did a search for leaking but got a whole stack of oil reference threads. When I start my bike form cold I gets tinny rattle and a leaking gas sound from the back cylinder exhaust joint. The previous owner told me the dealers on the first said...