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  1. Indian Chieftain
    Anyone with the early Chieftain radios have a problem with it randomly switching from USB-BT-Radio-Off and not necessarily in that order. Mine will also sometimes switch off for 10-15 minutes and sometimes only for a second or 2. Drives me batshit crazy. Seems to be getting worse. And of course...
  2. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    My 2018 Chieftain Classic , I noted at the top of each of the black rubber push buttons (map, radio etc) the top edge is turning white. I tried a black magic marker, and black paint but keeps coming off. Anyone else experience this? steve
  3. Indian Roadmaster
    Radio speakers are ok but prefer listening to headphones. How can I add a headphone jack so that when in use speakers are not output. Can do this with my Iphone, but would be better if the radio just had a iphone jack, this enables control of volume and changing content that is playing...
  4. Indian Roadmaster
    Anyone else experience this? 2016 Roadmaster: Radio glitches, (if you imagine an old school record player that gets bumped and the needle skips ever so slightly). This was happening since day 1, I thought it was a bluetooth issue, but ultimately it behaves this way on all inputs. For some...
  5. Indian Roadmaster
    Greetings, I was driving home and my radio went off with only 4,700 miles I took it to the local dealership. It kept blowing fuses, so they contacted Polaris and they were authorized to replace the radio with a new one. It seems to have fixed the issue. I realized that it had been sounding...
1-5 of 5 Results