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  1. Indian Chieftain
    Howdy. I'm considering trading my bike in for a new chieftain dark horse. I wanted to see what some others have paid for the same bike before I decide if I'm getting a decent offer. I'm selling my bike private. On the purchase I'm getting a 2018 chieftain dark horse, MSRP 23999 (stock, hard...
  2. Indian Roadmaster
    Recognizing that the dealer / salesperson also has to pay the rent, what do you all think is a reasonable walk-away discount for a current year (2017) bike? My thought is that 10% would be average and anything over that would be considered very good. Do you guys agree?
  3. Indian Scout Sixty
    So I'm about to purchase my own scout 60, going with the white paint job, and the price I've got is $9650 out the door taxes and everything. just curious what others paid to see if I am getting a good deal. I am putting a deposit down tomorrow morning. I'm pretty much sold on it regardless even...
1-3 of 3 Results