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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    This beauty had the 2-to-1 Indian exhaust which sounds great, the air intake, the mini-ape bars (great for short people). This sticker price was $15,354 No prob so far.... but after trying everything I could their "best deal" was $19,500. The $1000 was 250 helmet, 330 jacket, 50 gloves, 250...
  2. Indian Chieftain
    Howdy. I'm considering trading my bike in for a new chieftain dark horse. I wanted to see what some others have paid for the same bike before I decide if I'm getting a decent offer. I'm selling my bike private. On the purchase I'm getting a 2018 chieftain dark horse, MSRP 23999 (stock, hard...
  3. Indian Scout
    I am pretty sure I am going to purchase a Scout after doing research and looking at what feels right. I am planning to test drive one tomorrow and there seems to be very little difference between the Scout and Scout 60. There is a used Scout 2016 with about 4500 miles on it that also comes...
  4. Indian Springfield
    I put a deposit on my Springfield last week in Orange County, CA. The dealer hasn't ordered it yet, and won't order it until after they receive their first shipment in from Spirit Lake. That means I could be 4-6 weeks out with no problem, except for the problem of waiting. In the meantime...
1-4 of 5 Results