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    The 7" touch screen on my '17 Chieftain stopped taking input, when you touched most sections of the screen it was dead. Couldn't even change radio stations. One dealer gave me a ridiculous price of $2400.00 to replace it (been out of warranty for 6 months). My dealer, Indian of Springfield...
  2. Steve Menneto Interview - FTR, electric Indians, and more...

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I hope I didn't miss this already being posted, checked News, General, and Off-Topic but didn't see any mention of it but the article is already a week old. Interesting interview with the Polaris President of Motorcycles Steve Menneto, lots of interesting comments regarding the FTR and...
  3. Ever Been Told YOU Weren’t A Wecomed Customer?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Polaris Management yelled at me and said I didn’t fall within the Indian Philosophy This all occurred several months ago but Indian decided to solicit my opinion on the purchase just a week ago. Then refused to post my review. This is what I wrote: (spoiler alert, the last paragraph is why this...
  4. Engine Guards w/ Polaris

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    Does anyone know if Polaris changed any dynamic of the engine guards on any of the bikes 11' - 18' after purchasing Indian from Stellican in 11'?
  5. IMRG Inaugural Sign In Issues

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So they've been working on a new, much better, website - I was told. I got my 2nd welcome note in the mail today. Instructing me to visit to sign up with the login and password they provided. Here's a couple tips since the generated email and password that they give you is in...
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    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
  7. Indian won't stand behind their product.

    Indian Roadmaster
    A word of warning to potential Indian buyers and/or current owners I purchased a brand new 2015 Indian Roadmaster on 1/31/2015. I serve as the VP of the local Indian Riders Group, and am an avid daily rider. Just prior to this, I had a great 2009 HD FLHX for 6 years, and a Gilroy Indian...
  8. A good news story

    Indian Scout Sixty
    While not wanting to increase the frustration for those who are still waiting to get the service they might expect, it seems only right to share a good news story. I took my Scout 60 into SMG Leicester for its 2,500 mile check-up today. Although it took longer than planned due to unexpected...
  9. Indian CB future?

    Indian Chieftain
    I wrote Sena to tell them not so much about the CB issue just to let them know my approach" Below is the thread with them. I spoke with Indian rep in Daytona and it appears those who want to add a CB are on their own as Indian/ Polaris has no plans to develop a CB for their motorcycle. Sena...
  10. Hello this is Carrie at Mother Road Customs.

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hello this is Carrie, and the rest of crew at Mother Road Customs. I'd like to introduce ourselves. Mother Road Customs is a family owned and operated business. We been in the leather work for over 20 years. We have made seats and seat mounting kits for Harleys and many others and now Indian...
  11. Scout 60 Australian price!!!

    Indian Scout
    Hi All. I was excited to see the Scout 60 as a product and it looks good. I was also pleased to see the price drop on the Scout 60 in the USA, as it a $2000 price drop which makes a difference and it would here to. $8999 USD equates to just under $12,500 AUD. Add a bit for shipping makes the...