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  1. Power Plus 108 Performance and Suspension
    I just ordered 2023 pursuit. I think I want to go Sawicki ? Is this the best performance? Sound good? Can't find much for upgrading?
  2. Thunder Stroke 116 Performance & Suspension
    Right now I've got a '21 Chieftain Elite with the stage 1 Indian intake (2881779-521), Rinehart slip ons and stage 2 Indian cams. With the Dynojet PV3 I had it put on a Dyno and got 126tq/106hp. I want more. I've seen a few posts on here from a few years back that claim someone has 140+t/117hp...
  3. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Has anyone compiled a list of performance vendors and what they offer? or a list of know performance out comes by vendor options like Indain vs loydz vs Indain performance ect. perhaps rated by hp and torq
  4. Indian FTR1200
    I`m sorry if this has asked before but im just wondering can a 200/17 tyre fit on the rear ? Also im maybe just day dreaming but what would be necessary for the engine to be tuned up to 200hp mark if possible at all ? Thank you, ride safe!
  5. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    So my new scoot and first Indian arrives in a weekish, '17 Chieftain Pearl White Smoke. The bike has been pretty modified already, but the dealership couldn't tell me anything about the previous owner or the bike itself beyond what I could see. I'm familiar with the stages in performance, but...
  6. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Hello guys! I`m quite new haha literally registered couple of minutes ago. I love motorcycles in general of all kinds but Indian is my favorite brand, and i`m in love in every possible way. I`m up and coming with these types of bikes however and purely from enthusiastic stand of point I was...
  7. Thunder Stroke 116 Performance & Suspension
    My bike is a 2020 CDH with the factory TS116". I'm very confused and need some help. In stage 1 you upgrade AC and mufflers and need a tune because of the extra air flow. The Indian stage 2 kit includes 60mm throttle body, cams and injectors. My questions are: 1. I'm being told I can do the...
  8. Indian Challenger
    I rode my challenger for about 400 miles before I swapped over to the Indian branded stage 1 exhaust. The bike sounded more aggressive, but I didn't really notice any sort of increase in throttle response or acceleration. When I took my bike in for its 500 mile service, I had the dealer install...
  9. Indian Chieftain
    I have 2019 Chieftain. Considering the rear engine deactivation, I have not yet experienced any major heat issues. However, I was wondering if de-catting (catalytic converter removal) would improve the exhaust note and performance.
  10. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    After explaining this to several bikers and co-workers, I'm beginning to think it isn't widely known, but I thought it was. I started doing it in 1967 when I was 17 years old with my Kawasaki 120 Bushwacker. Before making performance improvements on cars, motorcycles, etc. I always do what I...
  11. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    My review of the 116 Stage 3 kit after having it installed on my 2016 Chieftain and a quick pinto see how fast it is!
  12. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Would this be an accurate list of Indian Performance Stage 1-3 upgrades? STAGE 1 PERFORMANCE Slip-On Exhaust (my choice Freedom Performance) Thunder Stroke Air Intake (3% increase in horsepower) Lowering Rear Shock Kit by Fox (ride performance and low-slung look) Oil Cooler (AZ desert needed)...
  13. Gilroy Indian Models
    :rolleyes: OK, so I stole the title from someplace else in the forums. I acquired a 2010 Chief Vintage a couple of months ago. It is a cool bike and it is stock with the exception of some leather. While it looks "older" and classic, it may give the appearance that it is lighter. After...
  14. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I just did the Stage 1 pipes and it sounds great. Not too loud when cruising, but has a nice roar when you get on the throttle. Considering the Performance Air Cleaner, but have a little concern about how loud it will be. I'm interested in more performance not volume (California has a lot of...
  15. Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    I received a Dynojet Quick Shifter for the TS-111 (don't know if they will be offering it for the Scout models, assume they will be). I've run quick shifters in the past on my Harley's that were setup for racing (and fun). The one model I ran was fairly clunky and hard to adjust. With this in...
  16. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    just got a new 2018 indian scout bobber, already up to 8000km. I have the performance air intake and type 1 exhaust, have been riding in some dusty areas as well. When i go to do oil change should i be replacing that air filter? Can they be cleaned at all, or only replaced? Just looking for...
  17. OTB Prototypes
    Getting sideways on an Indian Darkhorse and staying on two wheels can take some skill when you have this much power. Its easy to get sideways. This is a stock 2016 Dark Horse with a VooDoo Air Intake and a proper tune for all the extra air. No other performance changes were made. VooDoo makes...
  18. OTB Prototypes
    We are very happy to have @fuelmoto as a new dealer. Look for our VooDoo air intake on their website. Fuel Moto has a long history of great products and of tuning bikes for maximum performance. These guys know their stuff. .
1-20 of 39 Results