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  1. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    These are used but the chrome is in really great shape. No marks or scratches from road use. The only issue is the spot(s) where the foot peg sits against the bracket when folded up in the full upright position ( circled in red in two of the photos ) The pads show very little to no wear. Other...
    $60 USD
  2. Indian Springfield
    I’m working on a hefty conversion of my 2019 Springfield Dark Horse to a cruiser. I’ve got pretty much everything solved aside from the foot controls. I’m looking to avoid making it from scratch, so I’m looking for a peg based foot controls for it. I’ve seen ones for the Scout and for the new...
  3. Indian Scout
    Hi! I got a '19 Scout Bobber with a few upgrades from the previous owner, including the Freedom Radical Radius Exhaust, which I love. I recently Installed a 2 Up Seat to occasionally bring a passenger with me for short rides, but the exhaust blocks the rear pegs mounts and I won't be able to...
  4. Indian Super Chief / Sport Chief / Chief 2022 +
    Hi everyone, lately I've been looking to buy the passenger pegs but it seems they're out of stock everywhere, and they're also not available in the local dealer.
  5. Indian Scout
    So I took off my oem front pegs and have replaced them with some floorboards (off brand) and I like them a lot but I realized I don’t have much clearance for my feet when I shift and brake. Has anyone run into problems like this or might have a solution?
  6. Indian FTR1200
    My girlfriend enjoys riding with my but the passenger pegs are way to high and close. Does anybody know of a link of some sort that could bring them down and forward a couple inches? This combined with the Aeromach sissy bar would make her want to ride for more than a few minutes.
  7. Indian Scout
    I got sick of turning my right foot inwards to operate the brake pedal on my Scout so I looked for alternatives. To purchase from the States was too expensive so I designed my own and made two. One for brake and one for gear shifter. I machined them up yesterday and today I polished and added...
  8. Indian Chieftain
    Is there a way to attach passenger pegs to my bike without the the pegs supports? I search the term adapter but can not visualize how the items that populate would work. I don't carry passengers but want use them for an alternative riding position on long trips. With the supports the pegs are...
  9. Indian Scout
    I've been searching around the forum and found postings about miniboards, but haven't found any pictures or posts about peg stirrups or switchblade pegs. I've never used anything except standard pegs, but I need something to take the pressure off my arches. I don't like the big floorboards so...
  10. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    This is JUST my opinion. Take it for what its worth to you. I recently purchased the above accessory for my new 2017 Roadmaster. While the quality was TOP NOTCH, I was unable to find an acceptable location to mount them that didn't either look stupid, or a location that served any purpose. I...
  11. Indian Scout Sixty
    Looking to replace my stock pegs. Having a difficult time finding any compatible pegs. Looking for all black. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Indian Scout Sixty
    Two questions: The new pegs I want need a 3/8 inch hole, am I good? Second, how do you get the spring clips off? Thanks!
1-12 of 13 Results