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  1. New Scout Bobber Owner

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hello all! As of last week I am the proud owner of a totaled 2018 Scout Bobber. I bought it in a salvage auction off Copart and shipped it from Oregon to Mass. I'm looking to fix it up and get it back on the road, hopefully with the help of these forums! I will be making an in-depth thread...
  2. Parts no longer available for 2017 Chieftains?

    Indian Chieftain
    Hey everyone! A couple of days ago I was browsing for accessories for my bike. I own a 2017 Chieftain Darkhorse, and I was looking at some upgrades. Since the wife and I like taking longer rides, I was interested in getting the lower fairing kit, hard bag lid speaker...
  3. FTR 1200S forums and customize

    New Member Introduction Forum
    From Charleston SC, bought the 2019 FTR 1200S Race Replica and love it! I want to do some exhaust/wheel/tire/accessory customization and am interested in any ideas or input.
  4. WTB: 2015 Indian cheif parts

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    looking for: -Fuel gauge. -Speedometer. -Rear light assembly. - Driver backrest. If you have any of this for sale please send me a message with the price you asking. Thanks RM
  5. HELP! Looking for information on 1948 Barn Find

    Vintage Indian Motorcycles
    Hey Guys, Looking for some help with our barn find. It is a 1948 Indian Chief that was in a collapsed barn. We have the title. Bike has rust as it's been buried in rotted wood for the last 20 years. But no dents, guage cluster still intact, we have all the parts except for the heads and the gas...
  6. Paint colors

    Gilroy Indian Models
    I have a 2002 Gilroy Indian Cheif Deluxe in the Red and Black color scheme and and absolutely love it! In my opinion the prettiest stock bike made! Of course the tough part is finding parts! Cam anyone guide me to a reliable parts supplier? Also I've been trying to get a paint code and cannot...
  7. 2018 Roadmaster parts

    Indian Roadmaster
    I purchased a new RM last week from Indian Motorcycles of the Rockies and before I took possession I upgraded the exhaust, the air box, the cams, the windshield, and the mirrors. Now I have all the original parts available for sale. I am posting Indian OEM website pricing with the pictures and...
  8. Find Parts: 2003 Scout

    Gilroy Indian Models
    Hello All! A friend has a 2003 Gilroy Scout for sale, just under 10k miles. It has been sitting since '15 and does not start. I have a few questions I'm hoping you can help me sort: 1) Where to get parts? I know a lot of Harley parts are interchangeable, but, for instance, where would I go...
  9. Backorder Parts Need help Finding

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening I need some help finding this Part #s 1023117 ASM LINKAGE SHIFTER BOB 1022957-658 ASM SIDESTAND LOW BLK 1543808-266 ASM SHOCK REAR LOW N BLK According to Polaris these three components are backorder until DEC 17 and FEB 2019, My bike is in the...
  10. Stock air cleaner, mufflers, strut covers, handle bars

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I'm selling my: Stock handle bars for 2018s (clutch cable not included) Stock chrome mufflers (perfect condition) SOLD Stock chrome gas cap and dummy cap Stock black air cleaner box/intake (filter not included) (perfect condition) Chrome Strut Covers (perfect condition) Single Vance & Hines...
  11. Indian Scout foot pegs, horn and front master brake resevoir and lever available.

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    air filter and air box, horn, footpegs - two pair, shift and brake pegs OEM clutch cable, OEM clutch pack rings/disks. Save big money on a clutch rebuild! OEM master front brake reservoir and lever. SOLD - oil temp guage - very cool SOLD - pulley cover with bison medallion belt cover SOLD -...
  12. Indian Scout Parts in Europe and Switzerland?

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hello, I received my Scout this month in Switzerland and so far I'm loving it. There are a few modifications I would like to make over the year, but I can't find an on-line company in Europe that provides after market parts (If you think Indian OEM parts are expensive in the States, I invite...
  13. Scout and Octane interchangeable parts

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Victory forum is dead, so I decided to post my question here. From what i know so far, Scout and Octane exhaust is interchangeable. What I want to know about is the rear/front fenders and shocks, wheels, seats, levers, and handle bars. I just want to have a better idea of what I can...
  14. OEM Indian Crankcase Cover for Sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have three parts I am looking to sell, an oem crankcase cover, oem casing, and a repro with the Indian logo printed on the face. The two oem parts are in pristine, usable condition. The repro obviously didn't survive quite as well, but can be repaired professionally, or just used as...
  15. WTB: Scout Parts

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hey so I got bumped at an intersection and the asshat drove off without even stopping to check on me. So I in time will need to replace my Handle bars, clutch lever, Gear Selector, "Indian" logo for left side of tank, Left Rear shock Spring, Left Mirror is ok but could use a replacement someday...
  16. WTB! Indian genuine pinnacle mirros

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Any one has some mirros for sale?
  17. Scout: Best heated grips & cruise control?

    Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Hi Fellow Tribe Members, I apologize if this has been discussed on other threads....for a 2015 Indian Scout, just want opinions on the best aftermarket: 1. heated grips 2. cruise control system Thank you in advance. Spartan Scout
  18. DIY Help working on Indian

    Indian Motorcycle Builds
    This thread is designed for people who want to post anything they've done themselves working on their Indians. Questions, Concerns, and Help from other members is the goal here. Anything from how you put speakers on to changing out your exhaust or oil. take pictures, videos, anything to help out...
  19. 2016 - Scout parts for sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    *** Garage Clean out - Price Drops *** Made some more changes to the bike, now these parts are up for sale; bike has just 1000mi...most of this was removed well before that ....all OEM parts, other than the Apes. -> 14" Ape Hanger handlebars - 80$ -> OEM Handle bars - stock, not extended -...
  20. Indian gas/oil tank

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have 2 old gas/oil tanks off I believe an Indian scout. I was just wondering if anyone on here would be interested if so pm me. Can't figure out how to upload pictures to this forum since I am on my mobile. So if you want pictures I can send them to you.