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osprey saddle bags

  1. Osprey Saddle Bags for Scout white or black

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have two sets of Osprey saddlebags fringed with conchos. I am willing to sell ONE of the two sets. One set is White with green piping (can easily be re dyed). Second set is Black. You can munt them using indian spools or buy a set of Osprey spools, either will work fine but the Ospreys have...
  2. Has anyone purchase Osprey bags?

    Indian Chief Vintage
    I am tired of my worn out look of my bags not matching my new corbin seat. Osprey said they can match it. Has anyone purchased tan Osprey and how does it look? I was thinking about purchasing Indian tan 2017 bags but they wanted $1k each. Also, is it easy to put on? do you need to change out...
  3. Osprey Bags Discontinued

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    If you go to the Osprey website, it says they are no longer accepting orders on saddlbags or trunks but will still offer some other products. Apparently, David the owner and master craftsman is easing himself into retirement. I hope he is in good health and continues to be. Always sad to see...
  4. Custom Osprey Saddle Bags

    Indian Scout
    I had David at Osprey @Osprey make me some custom saddle bags to go with my custom paint job - thought I would post a pic or two. I think he did a great job matching things up. Best part is he has a theft proof mounting system which works just like the Scout oem spools but better. I had great...
  5. '16 Scout ABS with Osprey Bags

    Indian Scout
    I finally dusted off the bags we bought last fall and installed them. They are custom made in Springfield, MA out of leather tanned in New York. They were $575 with the spools. They have tons of custom options too. We went pretty plain with the Indian Head coins on the straps. Installation took...
  6. Osprey saddlebag mounts

    Indian Chief Vintage
    I just finished installing the Osprey saddlebag mounts. Seriously it took like 5 minutes, the backrest and luggage rack still fit. For me they are a worthy investment in piece of mind that I won't lose a saddlebag because I made a mistake when I put them on and that it will seriously slow down...
  7. Anyone dealt with Osprey for customer support?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So I ordered a set of bags for my Dark Horse from Osprey. They arrived Thursday. When I opened them and pulled them out of the box, I immediately notice that 1 bag on has 1 buckle and 1 female snap. It is missing 2 buckles and female connectors. Ok, so maybe they made a mistake. Then, upon...