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oil leak

  1. Oil leak/seeping

    Indian Roadmaster
    howdy folks, looks like I’ve got oil seeping from the right side of my bike near the rear. It appears it might be coming down somewhere near the front of the belt. In that area anyway. Not dripping, but visibly wet. The bike has around 22k miles. See pics for reference as I probably didn’t...
  2. Having some issues! Not Cool!

    Indian Springfield
    I purchase my Springfield back in September. Since my purchase, I have put on approximately 4200 miles. During my short time I have had a few issues, minor at first, but I am starting to worry. The first issue I had was a check engine light but no code. This was investigated by my dealer and the...
  3. Should there be any oil leakage on a new Scout 2018?

    Indian Scout
    I have just over 400 mi. On my brand new Scout and noticed some oil on the bottom corner (when kickstand is down) of a small angled panel underside. Seems to run down to that corner. Nothing on the garage floor. Nada. No drips or what not. However, I wipe the area and after a ride.... there is...
  4. She's a leaking!

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I was back east for a couple months for work, and when I got home and checked on the bike, I noticed a significant amount of oil on the floor underneath. At first I thought it was coming from the pan, but I traced the dampness back and found that it was coming from this, whatever it is: I'm...
  5. Stater Box Leak

    Indian Scout
    I have a 2015 Scout. Bought the bike used a year ago, no warranty. Went for a ride Saturday and noticed a small puddle on the floor Sunday. It appears to be coming from a plug with wires through it, midway bottom left side. My buddy says its the stater box. My local mechanic says the entire...
  6. Oil leak throught the pressure switch

    Indian Roadmaster
    Anyone have oil leak through the pressure switch? I changed it out but new one is leaking as well. Teflon on threads, appears to leak right through the center of the switch. BB
  7. Oil Leak

    Indian Scout Sixty
    So I picked up my brand new Sixty and I have completed a grand total of 234 miles on it and it's got an oil leak! It's running down the engine at the base of the filter housing and around the oil filter onto the ground/along the bottom of theengine. It doesn't look like it coming from the filter...
  8. Valve cover oil weeping

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I have a 2016 Scout Sixty, around 620 miles on it (dealer did the 500mi service). I was giving the bike a once-over after a ride today, and noticed on the front cylinder (right hand side) a small bit of oil weeping. Has anyone else had this happen? Did it get worse? I have had a few new bikes...
  9. First Trip

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I arrived home in Calgary yesterday at 3:30 pm after my first long distance motorcycle trip. I took the trans Canada highway to eastern Ontario to visit my mom for a few days and then went down to visit my brother west of Toronto. From there, I crossed the border at Windsor and came back through...
  10. Oil Leak

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So I'm on a vacation visiting my mom in Ontario and I rode my 2014 Vintage here. I rode from Calgary by doing three and a half days at 1000 kms (600 mi) per day. After a couple hours of driving rain in Alberta on the first day, the rest of the trip went great. I recently had the recall flash...
  11. Engine Oil leaks

    Indian Roadmaster
    2015 Roadmaster 1700 miles. Just noticed today, oil dripping on the garage floor. Looked under the bike and the bottom of the engine is wet with oil. Has anyone else in the Roadmaster group had any issues with oil leaks? I took it by the dealer today and made an appointment. The dealer said...