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  1. Indian Super Chief / Sport Chief / Chief 2022 +
    I was thinking of adding an oil cooler to my Super Chief Limited. Seems like heat is the enemy of longevity on these engines and I live in an area that's quite hot a good chunk of the year (SC). Has anyone done this yet, if so have a photo? What sort of options are there? Would this...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    With all the problems and rumours about the 111 overheating, maybe it's time Indian make the oil cooler standard again.
  3. Indian Scout
    Currently have a 2018 Scout Bobber, was curious if anyone has installed an oil cooler on their Scout? I know with being liquid cooled it's probably not entirely necessary, but I figure anything to dissipate extra heat can't be bad. Thanks.
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Guys just mounted fan in front of oil cooler on Springfield. Manual on off. Easy to do and inexpensive. Haven't tested in traffic yet. Weather. May not even be necessary. Comments.
  5. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Before purchasing my 15 Vintage, most every professional review I read commented on the lack of heat experienced from the engine. The 14 and 15 chiefs of the time, including mine, came stock with Indian's Oil Cooler. Beginning in 16, i believe only the chieftains and RMs maintained the oil...
  6. Indian Springfield
    I know the Springfield, or at least the 111 engine, was designed to run hot and technically there is no need for an oil cooler, however has anyone who has had one installed noticed a significant decrease in engine heat? I don't want to drop a few hundred bucks if it's not a noticeable...
  7. Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Hi, all. I very recently placed an order for a 2017 Chief Vintage and while working with the dealer to get all the options I wanted, he noted that the oil cooler was a new option for 2017. It's a $300 part, but since I'm planning to put a DMC Tomahawk SE on this bike, I figured the oil cooler...
  8. Indian Dark Horse
    Thoughts or not ...adding oil cooler
1-8 of 8 Results