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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I am stunned. My bride, who has agreed we should take a few motorcycle vacations in the future -- a short one as soon as weather permits, listened to my suggestion she might be happier on longer trips with a larger bike. She just started riding less than a year ago and she has been sporting a...
  2. Indian Scout
    OMG... I was told by my 14 and 15 year old that I need to "divorce the scout"! Since I got my scout... I'm shucking my duties! I sneak out to ride...I'm not making my bed, leaving my dishes, not up on laundry...and apparently starving my children... Ok these allegations may be partly...
  3. Indian Scout
    Just would like to THANK everyone for all the great comments, advise and making me laugh!! Oh and the great welcome I received!! The burns is getting much better but I thought you'd like to see (pics) that show I suck it up and ride anyway! And the reason I do this is because my birthday is on...
  4. Indian Scout
    HELP.... This is what happens when I ride my Scout. I love it so much but dread stopping and trying to hold my leg off the HOT pipe. I'm literally a new week old rider and just about 5'3. What in gods creation can I do besides losing 50 pounds on my thighs by tomorrow??
1-4 of 11 Results