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  1. Klock Werks Prairie Bars... GEN 2!!!!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I just installed the NEW Klock Werks Prairie Bars and they are AWESOME!!!! I was hoping for a better day to shoot them, but how could I resist not shooting impromptu with a rainbow?!? lol Anyway, After a little minor adjusting to get them perfect for me... I couldn’t be happier 🤗 What I don’t...
  2. Hello! Houston

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hi. everyone I introduce myself, they call me Zeeshan, I am from Houston
  3. New to Indian...kind of

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hey all, I finally pulled the trigger on a 2019 Cheiftain Classic in the Willow Green and Cream yesterday. It was too good of a deal to pass up. Traded in my Triumph Tiger for it, loved that bike but the wife wasn't so keen on the way it rode as a passenger. She has always loved Indian and it...
  4. New to the site. Pricing question.

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hey I’m new to the site, I’m 19 and haven’t rode a motorcycle in awhile but grew up on dirt bikes and drove a shadow for awhile. I’m looking at a black 2016 Scout Sixty with 4,500 miles and he wants $6,500 I was just wondering if that was a decent price.
  5. First time Indian owner - 2018 Scout Bobber

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Clinton and I have been riding on the street about 10 years. I have exclusively owned Japanese cruisers but today I bought my first Indian. I went with the gloss black scout bobber and mine came with Vance and Hines grenades exhaust. I...
  6. New Indian Roadmaster Owner in NJ

    New Member Introduction Forum
    I'm keeping this short. The paper isn't dry yet, but I am a new Indian owner, and got into the 2017.5 Roadmaster Blue Sapphire / Brilliant Blue Icon Series motorcycle. I'm an avid road trip planner, and expect to pull of my first 5K mikes before the end of the calendar year. Now I just have to...
  7. New Indian Chieftain 2017 - Star Silver/Thunder Black - MA

    Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, I entered and won the 2017 Indian Chieftain sweepstakes & have the motorcycle garaged and lying in wait for its true owner. There are no miles on this motorcycle - not a single customer test drive, as it was delivered to our address with one mile on the odometer from the dealership staff...
  8. New 2017 pull off Stock exhaust and air cleaner. Never off show room floor

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    FOR SALE!! 2017 Chieftain Limited, purchase brand new !! Pull off stock pipes and air cleaner! Also have stock passenger foot pegs FOR SALE.. from the same bike !! Will ship in anywhere in lower 48.. Contact me via email or text!! Email: [email protected] Phone: 575-642-6691
  9. New "ELITE" Member, joined today

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hello fellow tribe members. I am new to the forum, and even new to the Indian Family. I've been riding for 18 years so far, so I have a lot of experience with many other bikes. However, this is my first Indian, and by far the best cruiser I've owned. I just purchased the Chieftain Elite "new"...
  10. 16' Scout

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hi all, When I first got into riding, I paid cash for a used Honda CB500X. It was great for me but I have been eyeing the Scout for a long time now. Earlier this week I came home astride this trusty steed and looking forward to reading up on this forum and, most importantly, riding. I haven't...
  11. Time for a new saddle

    Indian Chieftain
    Looking to replace my stock Chieftain saddle. Please vote, and/or leave a comment.
  12. New Vintage Owner

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Greetings.....picked up a slightly used 2014 Vintage (Custom Green/Cream before they officially produced the color in 2015 - only 3,600 miles) - had to drive 250 miles one way, but it was worth it! Been riding for 11 years. Had a 2005 Suzuki C50T and a 2009 Kawasaki Voyager. Sold the Saki...
  13. New Member - 2015 Indian Scout

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hey everyone! This is not my first post, but I'm a new member as of about 2 days ago. I am currently awaiting shipment of my Silver Smoke 2015 Indian Scout. I got a great deal on it used and I can't WAIT to throw my leg over her. This will be my first bike, though I've been licensed for about...