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  1. Indian Challenger
    Just installed the stage 1 pipes on my Challenger. Figured I'd post a comparison video as not a ton of stuff on YouTube for these pipes. Very mild, but good base if you're looking for more of a muscle sound instead of breaking windows. Challenger Stage 1 Oval Mufflers
  2. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    I'm getting a 2018 Scout Bobber with Vance Hines Grenades installed in the next couple of weeks. But I don't really like the mufflers as they are a bit thick and stick out in chrome. Can I swap the muffler ends out for any VandH slip ons, or any generic slip ons or do these pipes only function...
  3. Indian Scout
    I just bought a used 2017 Indian Scout with aftermarket pipes. I’m looking for someone who wants to get rid of their old stock slip on mufflers. Willing to trade or pay.
  4. Indian Scout Sixty
    today i installed a set of shorty mufflers made by Radiant, called the Shorty Stealth GP. it was a simple process but you had to do a little fighting to get the stock mufflers off. anyways, i got a great deal on the mufflers, they were easy to install and now the bike has some sound. the links...
  5. Indian Scout Sixty
    Hola everyone! So, as the title states, Im a baller on a budget! With that being said, I saw some slip ons on J&P Cycles that were only 30 bucks a pop. So, I figured, why not. I read a review of someone there who has a 17 Scout Sixty and said it fit perfect, so I pulled the trigger, with the...
  6. Indian Scout Sixty
    I haven't seen a whole lot on these, so I decided to post a thread in the event someone else is looking for some resources. For good measure, I painted the stock muffler bracket black to blend in. I don't want to cut it off incase I ever want to put the stock mufflers back on or a different...
  7. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Has anyone tried to pull out the baffles yet? Did the computer reset it self or do you have to have it rechipped? Denny
1-7 of 8 Results