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  1. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Earlier this year I did the standard upgrades finally. The exhaust barks, if you want any kind of neighbor friendly exhaust this is not for you. I did a factory reflash for the tune with 92 Octane and with all city travel added another 20+ miles to the tank which was probably the most...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I have been working on a theory and so far it seems to work. Maybe you can try it and pipe in with your own results. You need a 111 bike and a Dobeck EJK installed. Presumably you have some other modifications also. The EJK has 6 items to set. The first three affect how much fuel goes in. You...
  3. Indian Scout
    Obviously there are gaps from when I didn't track it. DateMilesGallonsMPGRange Poss 9/19/1556.81.70633.3109.9 9/19/1578.91.83942.9141.6 4/1/17131.42.8346.4153.2 4/2/1787.51.74750.1165.3 4/2/17117.42.08756.3185.6 7/16/17126.32.14358.9194.5 7/20/17125.32.37752.7174.0 8/13/17126.42.27255.6183.6...
  4. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    I dont recommend it, but i got 143miles on my scout today and i ride fast. I wonder how much i would get if i drove the speed limit. I dont recommend pushing it out that far. How much do you average on gas millage?
1-4 of 4 Results