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  1. Roadmaster trunk mount

    Indian Roadmaster
    I have developed a trunk mount for the indian roadmaster to get it off floor and out of the way. Would anyone be interested in one? What do you think one would be worth. I kinda designed just for me then realized how helpful it is and how much others might want one.
  2. WTB - Stock Exhaust Mounting Bracket - #5257155

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Does anybody have a stock exhaust mounting bracket , #9 - p/n 5257155, as shown below? Got a set of stock headers from a dealer awhile back, and I'm missing this bracket. Thanks all.
  3. Phone Mount

    Indian Roadmaster
    I noticed most phone mounts will not work on roadmaster due to really large handlebars. Has anyone found one that they were happy with on a roadmaster.
  4. Cell phone mount

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Best cell phone mounts for RM? Thanks in advance.
  5. New Mount

    Indian Scout
    With an unusually small handle bar on my Scout, I couldn't find a decent place to mount my accessories etc. I decided to make one that utilizes the actual handlebar mount and now I can use an assortment of accessories.
  6. Instructions for Backrest?

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Does anyone have their instructions for the Backrest installation (Vintage)? I have a long ride to the dealer to pick up a new Backrest and Mount - would like to install it while I'm there. Question is - what tools do I need? Thanks!
  7. FS: Indian Drivers Backrest Mount

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I am selling my 2 month old Indian Drivers Backrest Mount because I switched from the stock Springfield seat to a Mustang seat that sit me further back. The new Mustang seat does not work with my Indian Drivers Backrest Mount. This is the reason I'm selling it. Otherwise, the mount is in...
  8. Easier then you think to pick out a Phone Mount

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    With all the different models of phones out there – not to mention the hundreds of cases and covers people put them in – it can be difficult to know the best way to mount your phone on your motorcycle. Which Phone Mount is Right for YOU? If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth...
  9. Mounting hardware for windshield

    Indian Scout
    Hi Everyone, I just bought a 2016 Scout. From reading this forum I bought the Freedom Shield. I am now looking for the mounting hardware. It seems Indian does not just sell the mounting hardware. Does anyone know if another manufacturer's mounting kit will work? Appreciate any ideas. Thanks!
  10. And the Oscar goes to --Biker Gift Idea #40 - GPS Mount!!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So we get bit stir crazy as the weather changes and keeps us inside more. o_OThis is what happens when I gather my friends and family and start playing with the video option on my phone. Does make a great gift idea however and made in the USA!
  11. Don't muck up your Indian with Clunky Mounts!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Officially unveiled! Mount your phone, GPS, camera, etc with the URBAN Mount! Featuring a slimmed-down, streamlined look. Mounting locations include round bars (handlebars), brake/clutch reservoir, mirror stem – even the steering/fork stem on sport bikes! They can be used on...