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    Selling my 2016 Scout 60 due to buying a big Scout. Bike is in beautiful condition and was recently serviced with a fresh oil change and new rear brakes. Never needed a tender, starts on the first try, every time. Seat and pipes have less than 1000 miles on them. OEM reduced reach bars...
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    Bike riding has an indisputable air of sentimentalism. Energetic motorcyclists will let you know there's nothing very like taking to the open street on two wheels, with the breeze slamming your entire body and fewer deterrents to constrict the tangible experience of plunging down the parkway. In...
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    Hi there, this is Achin from Bangladesh and this is my 1st post in this forum. recently i had an bike accident and now i have a fracture in my left leg. Now my family won't allow me to ride my bike anymore. But situation is like this that i'm using this bike just to ride from my home to office...
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    Retailing at $850 USD, this is an expensive jacket, up there with some of the best. How does it compare? I don't know, because I'd never pay the price for a Langlitz or Lost Worlds, Aero, or whatever. This is more in the range of Schott and Vanson stuff, and is made in the USA, like Hillside...
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    Scout seat off a 2015 for 450.00 Freedom windshield and frame for scout. It is tinted smoke grey I believe 300.00
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    Get the whole story here: Cindy’s Sidecar Spectacular – Two Wheels Around the World
  7. Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    $800 - For Sale - 1973 INDIAN MX74 Dirt Bike. Matching numbers frame and engine. I attached some photos of 'before' when I got it in Seabrook, New Hampshire 4 years ago. I was driving by and saw it outside of a body shop, chained, out front on the street to their business sign frame, with a for...
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    These are become all too common. Normally happens in the Fall and Spring. O'Fallon, Ill., woman dies in motorcycle crash in Minnesota
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    Don't have any questions just yet. Used this site to research Indian prior to my purchase in the 2nd week of January. I found the site to be very helpful researching both pro and cons of the brand. I have only been able to ride twice thus far but I couldn't be happier with my selection and the...
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    I find the winter an enjoyable time to ride but I don't ride my Scout - I tend to play with my Honda F6B because I stay warmer with all the bells and whistles and fairings and and and. What about you?
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    My Chieftain has now been at the dealer for over a month getting rewired. I understand why its taken so long, but not being able to ride is absolutely killing me. The weather for the last two weeks has been gorgeous and I just want to get out and hit the road. Hopefully I'l be back on the road...
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    I'm creating this thread for anyone who has taken or wishes to see or has taken video of Indians out riding. I'm sure a lot of us would love to see some of that awesome footage
  13. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
  14. New Member Introduction Forum If you are an experienced female rider and ready for the WMC level of commitment, contact us at [email protected] We'll be happy to set up a time so that we can all meet each other. Please put Sisters Eternal in the subject line so we'll be sure not...