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  1. 2018 Scout Bobber misc parts for sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Have a few parts and pieces I am willing to part with from my 2018 Scout Bobber. All Items were taken off with under 1000mi on the bike. It is pretty safe to say they are all in like new condition. Serious Inquiries please. Located Houston, TX as well for any face to face dealings. Pictures...
  2. Scout Bobber Handle Bar Mirrors

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I recently installed a set of 10" mini apes on my scout bobber. I have a 2019 with ABS so if anyone has any questions on install let me know, it only took about 3 hours. The stock handle bars have bungs in the ends to hold the stock mirrors, the new handle bars have nothing. I would like to...
  3. 2018 Roadmaster parts

    Indian Roadmaster
    I purchased a new RM last week from Indian Motorcycles of the Rockies and before I took possession I upgraded the exhaust, the air box, the cams, the windshield, and the mirrors. Now I have all the original parts available for sale. I am posting Indian OEM website pricing with the pictures and...
  4. Gas Tank smudge/dent from mirrors on matte black paint

    Indian Scout
    Hey everyone, Another question for all the experts and wizards out there. Soon after I purchased the bobber I noticed that the mirrors were banging into the fuel tank. There appears to be no damage to the actual metal, it is more of a smudge or paint dent. Any ideas on how to remedy this...
  5. 2017 Indian Chief Vintage Parts & Accessories (parting out)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    2017 Chief Vintage Thunderstroke 111 motor with less than 3400 miles. all service records can be provided. every check up was completed during motor break in - asking $3,000 (will consider reasonable offers) OEM driver floorboards new $395 asking $150 OEM Chrome highway bars new $256 asking...
  6. FS: 2017 DH Parts (will fit others)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Bunch of items for sale from my stock 2017 CDH with 4000 miles on it. Tires - Tread depth on both tires goes past GW forehead on a quarter. Still lots of good life left. If interested please PM me with your questions or payment - Paypal only. CUSA only (Continental 'Merica)...
  7. Poll: Bobber mirrors up or down

    Indian Scout
    Hey everyone, just trying to see the breakdown of how many of you ride your bobber with the mirrors up or down. My bike got delivered with the mirrors up, and I only recently thought about switching them down to see the difference. Personally, having the mirrors up I feel like I get better rear...
  8. Ferrell Farkle

    Indian Scout
    Had some drinks last night while doing some MAP work on my SV1k. while taking a brake, I Got around to putting bar end mirrors on My Scout. Had some plugs for the factory Mirror holes, but digging through my plug stock I ran across some air caps my son got for his bicycle that he didn't use...
  9. 2016 Dark Horse Parts for Sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    1. Complete stock (header, shields & mufflers) exhaust (all chrome) 2. Stage 1 Black Mufflers with Black Six Shooter Tips 3. Stock Black Mirrors 4. Stock front Wheel & Tire assembly 5. Stock Black Handlebars 6. Stock driver floorboard inserts 7. Stock passenger pegs 8. Stock (Matte Black) Air...
  10. Dark Horse Mirrors Can Replace the Chrome Scout 60 Mirrors!!

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I have confirmed with Indian that the Dark Horse mirrors are compatible with the Scout 60. Why they put chrome mirrors on the Scout Sixty, I have no idea. You can order the mirrors on the Indian website. Here is the info: Left Mirror Part # 2635788-463 Right Mirror 2635790- 463 and you will need...
  11. Arrowhead Mirrors

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Has anyone ordered the arrowhead mirrors from They look sweet but I wanted some opinions before buying them.
  12. Do dark horse mirrors fit scout sixty? If so, does anyone have an extra set!

    Indian Scout
    I have no idea why they put chromed mirrors on the scout sixty. I am looking to replace them with black mirrors. Wandering if the dark horse mirrors would fit? If so does anyone have a set for sale. Also, any other opinions on black mirrors would be appreciated.
  13. Stock Or After Market Mirrors For The Roadmaster?

    Indian Roadmaster
    Hi all, What mirrors do you recommend for the Roadmaster? How do you find the stock ones? Are Indian's Pinnacle Mirror's better than the stock? Backstory: Finally I am just in the process of buying a new Roadmaster and trying to organise the best mods and accessories as part of the deal. I have...