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  1. 48,000 Km Service - Wow!

    Indian Roadmaster
    Yesterday I took the bike to the dealer for the 48K Km service (30K miles). Shocked to know that they charge $1700 CAD ($1260 USD) for this. Ouch. Add a new back tire to that and I am over 2 grand CAD. I looks like this is a full-scale checkup - all new fluids, spark plugs and rear belt -...
  2. 500 mile Service question...

    Indian Scout
    Can I just confirm something with you all? I have been looking though all these old maintenance posts and I just wanted to make sure I am not missing something here. I am about due for my 500 mile service, and after seeing the dealer quote ($430.00) it seemed insane to me, for an oil change...
  3. Wondering if a change is good...

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Seen this article on Indians actual web apge and since I am coming due on a change would using the new synthetic is a wise choice...
  4. Throwing codes again

    Indian Chieftain
    Ok.. since I've bought my 2018 chieftain darkhorse about a month and a half ago it has been throwing codes like a bartender throwing shots at happy hour. The first time the handle bar switch was replaced, then the battery terminal came loose, and today I will be looking at the ground side of the...
  5. Pre-Paid Maintenance while traveling

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I travel with my bike extensively and after I pick up my new Indian, I probably won't be near that shop again for close to a year. Has anyone had experience using the pre-paid maintenance plan at shops other than the selling shop? Curious what your experience has been.
  6. Fork Seal Failure

    Indian Scout
    The oil seal on my right front fork of my 2015 Scout failed and made a mess of the bike and my apparel. Has anyone seen this problem and had to replace the seal? If so, did you replace it yourself or did you have the dealer do it? I have been riding for over fifty years and have never had to...
  7. Average Costs for Roadmaster 5K maintenance

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I'm getting close to my 5,000 mile service. I do realize that I can do the maintenance myself. I always serviced my Honda VTX so we don't need to go down that path. All I'd like to find out is what various dealerships charge for performing the complete 5K service.
  8. Indian Chief Dark Horse Brake Pad Replacement

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hello all, I took a look at my front brake pads, and noticed that they are getting close to being completely worn and are likely ready for replacement (no squeaking or grinding yet, so not an emergency). I would prefer to do my own maintenance, but haven't worked on a motorcycle's brakes...
  9. long mileage trip question

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I have a 2016 Roadmaster and am going on a 6,000 mile trip over 22 days. I just hit the 500 mile mark and will have the full service completed before I take off in May. I'm wondering if there will be any issues taking the bike on such a long trip without changing the oil or having any of the...
  10. General Cleaning

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I didn't find a thread related to brands or methods. I know Its a simple subject but this is something that everyone had an opinion on. I just used FW1 Wash Wax for the bike and helmet, and it worked great. I've heard that pledge does a great job at keeping the bugs from sticking to the paint...
  11. Scout Maintenance sheet

    Indian Scout
    So I sat down and made a Maintenance sheet for the scout. I end up doing this for almost all my vehicles. I have attached both an Imperial and Metric Millage versions as pdfs. I figure you guys can use it just as much as I can. Enjoy
  12. Battery Tender With Gator Clips

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I had a quick question about installing a battery tender using the alligator clips that a lot of them come with. If I use these clips instead of the ring leads, do I still need to unscrew and remove the leads that connect the battery to the motorcycle? Or can I just leave them screwed in and...
  13. Indian "How to" Videos

    Indian Roadmaster
    I have found a number of YouTube videos on the web with useful information on how to perform various maintence operations on our bikes. It appears the videos were prepared by Indian or someone associated with a dealership. I am unable to find anything on the Indian website regarding the videos...