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luggage rack
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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Considering purchasing the solo luggage rack for my 2017 Chief DH from Indian. Looking at the specs it states it's max capacity is 7lbs. Anyone out there using the solo rack and if so, how fragile are they? 7 lbs ain't more than a gallon of milk. Also, if someone has a lead on an aftermarket...
  2. Indian Scout
    I just bought a brand new 2021 Scout. I had ordered a luggage rack and a Mustang seat, but the dealer forgot to order the seat, so gave me a solo seat with the luggage rack. So now I'm trying to do some more research on really good, super-comfortable aftermarket solo seats. I want one that will...
  3. Indian FTR1200
    Does anyone have the NRC Fender Eliminator and Luggage Rack installed together ? Any installation issues or concerns ? Thanks in advance!
  4. Indian Scout
    Hello, I was just wondering if we can add seat cushion over luggage rack and use it for passenger seat. When passenger is not there, we can use as luggage rack and maintains the look of the motorcycle. Has anyone tried this method. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  5. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    For Sale, Backrest with Studded Pad and luggage rack. Will fit all models with 12" wide detachable mounts. This Rack is like new. A couple very minor blems on the front of pad from bugs. Maybe you can see in the pics.?? The chrome is in perfect condition. Came from a wrecked bike. Complete...
  6. Indian Chieftain
    I’m looking for a rugged luggage rack that will hold some weight like the Rickrak system. It appears they only make one for the RM trunk?? Any suggestions please...
  7. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Save some cash and pick up this gently used 12” Indian passenger backrest with black studded pad and luggage rack. No signs of excessive wear. No rips or tears on the pad. $375 and we split the shipping. If you need mounting spools, I have a spare set I can include for additional $25 (I do not...
  8. Motherwell Products
    They're ready! Introducing the Quick-Release 2UP Sissybar Backrest & Luggage Rack Combo! Now you can have style, function, comfort, and durability all in one product for your Indian Chief, Chiefain, Roadmaster, or Springfield 2014 & up! This 2UP Sissybar Backrest and Luggage Rack combo is...
  9. Motherwell Products
    Our previous Backrest/Luggage Rack combo for Indian Chieftains 2014 and newer were not thin enough to fit with saddle bags, so we have re-engineered it and made it much easier to fit Chieftains with saddle bags. This has our proprietary latch system, making the installation easy on and easy...
  10. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I've noticed that the rubber isolators on my luggage rack that attaches to my Vintage have decayed in a way that when you touch them you are left with a black rubber mark on your hands. Anything that they come into contact with is left with this mark. I have searched for replacements, but have...
  11. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    As customers request, we keep adding new products. This luggage rack looks like our other racks but it is designed to fit over the rear fender of a solo set up. It is quick release and requires hard bag spools to mount on. The flat area is 16' x 13' so it is probably the largest area of any...
  12. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    2017 Chief Vintage Thunderstroke 111 motor with less than 3400 miles. all service records can be provided. every check up was completed during motor break in - asking $3,000 (will consider reasonable offers) OEM driver floorboards new $395 asking $150 OEM Chrome highway bars new $256 asking...
  13. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    looking for complete backrest, sissybar, luggage rack, quick release
  14. Motherwell Products
    We are offering all forum members 20% off anything in stock. Coupon Code: FORUM
  15. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a chrome luggage rack for a Scout sissy bar/passenger backrest.
  16. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Selling my matte black Aeromach Scout Solo Luggage Rack that I had on my 2016 Scout. In perfect condition, no nicks or scratches that I can see. $50 including shipping to lower 48. Retails for $150.
  17. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion is now offering a large luggage rack that can be installed or removed in less than a minute over a passenger seat on the 111 bikes. This is another Thunder Works product. It offers the largest flat area and the most durable rack on the market. The black color is not...
  18. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Thunder Works now offers a black luggage rack for the 111 bikes. It is extremely strong and does not corrode. It is the strongest rack and the largest cargo area on the market. Here is a link:
  19. Indian Scout
    Hello Scout peoples...planning on a trip from Vegas along the PCH from San Diego to San Fran. My woman rides a Scout with tan leather saddlebags and an OEM solo luggage rack on the rear fender. Anyone find a trunk or bag that works well? Thanks in advance! Josh P.S. I'll be with her on my...
  20. Indian Chief Vintage
    Does anyone know if the Motherwell Rack (MWL-625 FLAT) works with the Osprey Spools? I called Osprey and they believe that they should - they claim their spool is the same diameter as Indian's, but since they have not had anyone test it, want to be sure before I commit. Does anyone have this...
1-20 of 20 Results