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  1. Indian Roadmaster
    Anybody have any first hand knowledge of this product! I have a 2020 Roadmaster Elite and the exhaust of so quiet, Was going to go with the stage ones but the cost is insane I heard a video and read a couple of reviews for the Sharkroad exhaust. No baffles and sounds depp and loud. Any...
  2. Indian Scout
    Just came from meeting the director of the Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary otolaryngololy department because of my tinnitus (which seems to be worsening) and degrading hearing. I'm down to 60 dB loss in the upper registers and counting... normal for old farts like me. Of note, he said wind noise...
  3. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Howdy, Other forums I have been on have a sticky thread where riders weigh in on the volume of sound an exhaust makes and ranks them 1 to 10, stock exhaust to straight pipes. I searched a couple different ways on this forum but couldn't find such a posting. I'm interested in a 4 to 7 on the...
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Does anybody have a stock exhaust mounting bracket , #9 - p/n 5257155, as shown below? Got a set of stock headers from a dealer awhile back, and I'm missing this bracket. Thanks all.
  5. Indian Roadmaster
    I was holding off on this post to see if Freedom would rectify the situation, A month and a half later.. they did not. Freedom appears to have extremely poor chrome (At least my product) and worse customer service. It took a month to hear back from the rep (through the dealer, cc'd on emails...
1-6 of 7 Results