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    Anyone (factory guy) have the story on the Indian i (eye). Must be a story there !
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Saw/inspired by the thread and brilliant video by another forum member of making the Indian script pop by painting it. link - New Painting Method For "Popping Your Script" However, the glue stencil method didn't work well for me on the convex surface of the air box or maybe I was using too much...
  3. Indian Scout
    So I sat down and made a Maintenance sheet for the scout. I end up doing this for almost all my vehicles. I have attached both an Imperial and Metric Millage versions as pdfs. I figure you guys can use it just as much as I can. Enjoy
  4. New Member Introduction Forum
    hey guys, excited to be here n just posting to say hello :) I do biker related artwork. I am sure I will be enjoying my stay here :D. Thanks~!