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  1. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    air filter and air box, horn, footpegs - two pair, shift and brake pegs OEM clutch cable, OEM clutch pack rings/disks. Save big money on a clutch rebuild! OEM master front brake reservoir and lever. SOLD - oil temp guage - very cool SOLD - pulley cover with bison medallion belt cover SOLD -...
  2. Indian Dark Horse
    Was wondering if any 1 had suggestions on replacing the chrome/ aluminum clutch / brake levers to black. Or something in the aftermarket arena?
  3. Women Who Ride
    It's not unusual for me to have to make alterations to a bike to make it fit me. Now that I have an Indian Cheiftain, I am finding it difficult to do so with the lack of parts availability. I do have the heated reach seat and did I talk a shorter rear shock that has been compressed as short...
  4. Women Who Ride
    Hi! My girlfriend rides a 2016 Scout and has quite a bit of difficulty using the stock levers---they're both unadjustable and have a pretty significant angle away from the grips. Has anyone replaced their stock Scout levers with either adjustable levers or levers that rake closer to the bars...
1-4 of 4 Results