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  1. Indian Chieftain
    The left running light went out on my 2017 DH Chieftain so I figured I might as well bite the bullet and look into LEDs, yes all three lights. Since I'm not really a wrench, I'm hoping for a plug & play solution that won't trigger any faults in the computer. Price is somewhat of an object, but...
  2. Indian Chieftain
    Thinking of getting the Orbit Prism Headlight and running lights. Anyone out there got any input on these items? If you have them installed is there any detection of radio disturbance? Thanks in advance for your input. TopJaguar
  3. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Security tests have demonstrated that riders are much better seen with 2 lights added on the motorbike when they are closer to the ground e.g. fixed on the engine guard. I'm checking whether there are LED ones and chromed such as those from Harley ( Daymaker Reflector LED Fog Lamps ) and that I...
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    CLUB S Turn Signals by Rizoma (FR155) require fork adaptors 41mm and signal extenders amazingly bright! The LED's on the crash bars are by hyperlite: Hyperlites Flashing LED Motorcycle brake lights, Running Lights and Turn Signal
1-4 of 4 Results